Franchise Veteran Giveaway Program Offers $3.8 Million in Free Franchises to Veterans (VIDEO)

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The ActionCOACH Franchise Veteran Giveaway program is offering $3.8 million in free franchises to 50 qualified veterans from the U.S. Armed Forces.

Veterans looking for work or business opportunities may want to consider the ActionCOACH Franchise Veteran Giveaway program. The worldwide business coaching company is offering $3.8 million in free franchises to 50 qualified veterans.

About the ActionCOACH Franchise Veteran Giveaway Program

The ActionCOACH Franchise Veteran Giveaway program starts on March 1, 2012 and ends on October 31, 2012. The campaign was first launched in May of 2011.

U.S. Politics reports Jodie Shaw, ActionCOACH CEO for the U.S.A. and Canada, said, “Last year we offered the largest franchise scholarship in the history of American in select markets only. As a result of a huge demand for this giveaway, we decided to extend it in 2012 – this time on a national basis.”

Through the ActionCOACH Franchise Veteran Giveaway program, the organization waives the franchise, training and tech fee. The total value per veteran is $76,250. Veterans complete an online form to see if they qualify for the franchise program.

According to the ActionCOACH website, qualified veterans must no longer be on active or reserve duty and be honorably discharged from the U.S. forces with preferably at least five years as a civilian. Applicants must provide their Certificate of Release of Discharge for Active Duty (Form DD 214).

Candidates must show they can pay ongoing royalty fees and be available to attend a 10-day training course in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012. Candidates should be self-starters with leadership experience who have a college degree and/or 10 years of professional business experience.

Andrew Van Horn was a recipient of a free franchise through the campaign last year. Van Horn said, “While many companies offer freebies or discounts for veterans, this is the only one that actually teaches us 'how to fish.' It goes far beyond acts like the GI Bill do; it allows you to make more money and grow personally and professionally. By joining ActionCOACH, I am able to make a bigger impact on my community.”

Shaw stated veterans who helped their country offshore now have a chance to do it on their own soil. According to Shaw, many veterans who were awarded a franchise last year believe they are in a unique position to help the small business sector in America.

An independent study revealed businesses working with an ActionCOACH business coach increased their profits by 61 percent. The net return on the investment for businesses working with ActionCOACH was $10.80 for every dollar invested.

Brian Sugars founded ActionCOACH in 1993. Currently the business coaching company has over 1,000 offices in 39 countries.

Unemployed Veterans

The latest data at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed as of 2010 the unemployment rate for veterans who served in the military at any time since September, 2001 was 11.5 percent. These veterans are referred to as Gulf War-era II veterans.

The jobless rate for veterans of all eras combined was 8.7 percent. In July, 2012, 25 percent of Gulf War-era II veterans reported having a service-connected disability. A total of 13 percent of all veterans have a service-connected disability. This does not include veterans who may not have reported service-connected disabilities. In July, 2010 there were about 2.8 million veterans who reported having a service-connected disability.

As of 2010, 20.2 million men and 1.8 million women over the age of 18 in the civilian non-institutional population were veterans. The definition of veterans is men and women who previously served on active duty in the U.S. Armed forced. At the time of the survey, they were civilians.

Hire an Unemployed Veteran in 2012

Hire Heroes USA has a Facebook page stating to Hire an Unemployed Veteran in 2012. The executive director of Hire Heroes USA, Nathan Smith, urges businesses to hire veterans. He states her personally saw the value of veterans every day he lead Marines toward two combat tours in Iraq. Smith refers to them as a national treasure and indicates there are thousands of veterans ready to add value at the right position for the right organization. All these veterans need is an opportunity.

The Facebook page reveals veterans face daunting re-entry challenges. It states there are 107,000 homeless veterans and 1 million unemployed veterans. MedAssets President and CEO, John Bardis, founded Hire Heroes USA in 2007 because he believed veterans deserve the same opportunity to achieve the American dream.

Veteran ActionCOACH Rick Plasket indicated when he left military service, he thought he needed the security and support of the corporate world. He discovered that was not the case after 15 years of corporate insecurity and stated he could not wait to go into business for himself.

Despite their service and qualifications, veterans face an array of challenges when trying to re-enter the job market. A program such as the ActionCOACH Franchise Veteran Giveaway will give 50 veterans an entrepreneurial opportunity they may not have otherwise had. Below is a 2009 video about how ActionCOACH is trying to help veterans in Connecticut.

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