A funeral and a wedding on 30 Rock

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The year's last episode of NBC's 30 Rock put viewers on a roller coaster ride that included Jenna's jealous rampage and the death of one of the characters followed by an unconventional wedding.

Liz Lemon has been on a successful roll on NBC's “30 Rock” and Jenna gets jealous during the last episode of the year. Jenna is determined to outshine Liz and get married herself to get back some of the limelight. Jack Donaghy also loses his mother Colleen and delivers the longest eulogy in her memory before a very unconventional wedding begins.

Liz Lemon Makes Lemonade

Everyone is accustomed to Liz leading a lackluster life. Now she is married to Criss, a good-looking guy, and receiving a Lifetime.com award for being a woman in media. It's all too much for Jenna, who is used to being the center of attention. She can't believe Liz married a man she fantasizes about when she's with Paul. Jenna also feels upset Liz got married first without including her at the nuptials.

Jenna is determined to get the attention back. We discover the ladies met when Jenna was doing irrelevant commercials and Liz was working the lights. Knowing Jenna's manipulative nature, Liz makes sure to speak to the lighting expert at the awards ceremony. Jenna plans to have her wedding right the awards to take the attention away from Liz. However, Liz thwarts her plans by having lighting that makes Jenna look like a wrinkled old woman. Jenna gasps in fear and runs out of the awards, realizing Liz has won. As always, they ultimately wind up getting along when Jenna reluctantly admits her feelings to Liz.

Meanwhile, Tracy tries to cheer up Kenneth. The NBC page is upset with Liz because she fired his girlfriend Hazel, who them broke up with him. He is mopping angrily when Tracy sets out to make him happy again. After several mishaps, including an odd encounter in the elevator with Florence Henderson, Tracy manages to get Hazel back and make Kenneth smile.

Colleen Donaghy's Unusual Funeral on “30 Rock”

Colleen Donaghy gets to town early for the holidays and Jack is dreading it, as usual. She arrives in New York and Jack gets the traditional call she is dying. Viewers see Colleen on the other end of the phone and realize she seems to be in a bad way. Jack is being propositioned by a desperate widow but decides to once again answer the call of his demanding mother.

When Jack arrives, he notices Colleen has a black eye from a fall. He insists she needs to go to the hospital. Colleen persists she wants to travel to the hospital in a horse-and-buggy, which Jack does for his mother. During the ride, Colleen passes away. Jack recalls the times she threatened her death since he was a baby and realizes it actually happened this time.

He speaks at her funeral and gives the longest eulogy imaginable. Jack leaves no stone un-turned as he relives the life and times of his mother during this Irish funeral. After the lengthy eulogy, everyone claps in appreciation. Jenna is still seeking attention and decides to have her wedding at Colleen's funeral. Paul is disguised as one of the angels in the background. Jack realizes Colleen would have hated this and decides to let the wedding go forward. Jenna figured it was a time when all her friends would be gathered and she winds up tying the knot with Paul at Colleen's funeral.

One Facebook fan commented, “I teared up. Elaine Stritch is in a class all by herself and Colleen was one of the best characters on 30 Rock. Sad to see her go. RIP Colleen.” NBC's “30 Rock” will return in the New Year on January 10, 2013. It is the final season of this favorite show and fans are looking forward to seeing how this hilarious series will conclude.

NBC's “30 Rock” airs on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET

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