Getting naughty and nice on The Chew with unusual ideas for Christmas

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Today ABC's The Chew gets naughty and nice for the holidays with a variety of unusual ideas for Chanukah and Christmas.

There's nothing like getting naughty and nice during the holiday season as Santa watches to see who deserves the best goodies. Monday kicks off with ABC's “The Chew” serving up some naughty and nice dishes, including tasty Chanukah latke recipes and some sweet treats. Fans also look forward to watching Clinton's Workshop.

Sensational Holiday Dishes on “The Chew”

The holidays are in full swing as Chanukah started on Saturday, December 8 and continues through to Sunday, December 16. As people celebrate the festival of light, they also make delicious foods to nosh on. Today “The Chew” crew will be serving up some sensational Chanukah latke recipes to bring even more joy to the table. Chanukah (also referred to as Hanukkah) traditions include the lighting of the Menorah, playing with the dreidel and nibbling on yummy latkes.

The eight-day festival of light celebrates light over darkness, spirituality over materiality and purity over adulteration. Another traditional food is sufganio, which are doughnuts fried in oil. Children also look forward to the giving of money, referred to as Chanukah gelt. Sometimes these golden coins are wrapped chocolates. Latkes are more than delicious, they are also a Chanukah tradition. The oil the latkes are cooked in is symbolic of the oil from the Chanukah story that is celebrated as a miracle. While most latkes are made of potatoes, they can also include ingredients such as carrots, onions, vegetables and cheese. It will be interesting to see the latke recipes offered on “The Chew” today.

Sweet Treats and Clinton's Workshop on “The Chew”

Once Chanukah ends, people start preparing for Christmas on Tuesday, December 25. The crew will also be appealing to people with a sweet tooth on Monday. They are preparing some of their best holiday sweets to make the occasion even sweeter. It will be difficult for viewers to avoid being just a bit naughty with all these nice goodies to feast on. One enthusiastic fan commented on the show's Facebook page, “ABC did something right when they decided to do this show. The second thing they did right was they casted it perfectly!! Combination comedy, how-to-cook and crafting show works great with the 5 of you. I love seeing different variations of recipes, brainstorming, and cooking tips. It's all really good!” Of course, others are concerned about calories but many are sure to indulge in at least one sweet treat.

The show will also feature Clinton's Workshop. It is the season when Santa and his elves are finishing up the toys and presents at his workshop. They have to be ready for Santa to deliver them to all the good boys and girls on Christmas Eve. Clinton's Workshop is sure to offer some savvy holiday suggestions for fans to create their own fabulous goodies. HULIQ will return with more later.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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