Daphne's dad Dr. Oz. coming on The Chew

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Today Christmas gets even cozier on ABC's The Chew with sensational celebrity guests KaDee Strickland of Private Practice and Daphne's dad Dr. Oz.

The stars are out for the holidays on ABC's “The Chew” as the crew helps viewers prepare for Christmas. Today "Private practice" actress KaDee Strickland heats up the kitchen. Then real-life doctor, Dr. Oz, will join his daughter Daphne again to dish about family, food and life.

KaDee Strickland on “The Chew”

Celebrities shine for the holidays on “The Chew.” The past few weeks have been star-studded as fans tune in to get great ideas for this festive season. Ed Burns talked about Irish families and Fran Drescher made everyone laugh. Valerie Bertinelli and Kermit the Frog did some cooking with the crew. The regular crew and their guests always have an array of excellent suggestions to make the season even brighter. Today actress KaDee Strickland warms up the kitchen and might even talk about the season finale of "Private Practice."

KaDee is known for her role as Charlotte King on ABC's “Private Practice.” Much like Carla, she is a southern belle. KaDee is from Georgia then learned her profession in New York City and Philadelphia. She appeared in “The Sixth Sense” in 1999 then landed roles in “Anything Else” and Something's Gotta Give” in 2003. She gained fame for her 2004 roles in both “Anacondas” and “The Grudge.” The following year, KaDee appeared in “Fever Pitch,” showing her versatility as an actress. By 2007, she became part of the cast in the television show “The Wedding Bells.” Now fans can't wait to see how "Private Practice" will end.

Personally speaking, KaDee is married to Jason Behr. He was her co-star in “The Grudge” before the two fell in love. KaDee is also known as a fashionista with a passion for her profession. It will be fun to see what she cooks up today on “The Chew” and if she has an equivalent passion for fabulous foods.

Dr. Oz Is Back on “The Chew”

As the famous father of Daphne Oz, Dr. Oz has appeared on “The Chew” a few times. Fans look forward to seeing their favorite doctor nosh with his lovely daughter. Dr. Oz is a television personality, author and cardiothoracic surgeon. He offers common sense medical advice and holistic updates to his viewers. Oz started out on television in 2004 on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” By 2009, he was in his own daily television program “The Dr. Oz Show.” Now his daughter is famous for being an author and appearing on her own daily afternoon television program.

The theme of today's show is creating a cozy Christmas. When family arrives at the show, it is a perfect time to create a warm holiday vibe. Daphne and her dad always seem to have a great time together on “The Chew.” Both of them serve up tasty recipes that are also healthy choices. Often people believe the two don't go together, especially with all the decadent fare being served during the holiday season. Daphne and Dr. Oz are sure to present unique ways to appreciate flavorful food that won't make fans feel guilty. It is certainly a day of doctors on "The Chew." HULIQ with return with more later.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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