The Chew is back and celebrity guests are sharing New Year's resolutions

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After taking a couple of weeks off ABC's The Chew is back and better than ever with a fun loving celebrity guest as the crew shares their New Year's resolutions.

It is a New Year, a time when many people make resolutions. Today on ABC's “The Chew” the crew will share their Chew Year's Resolutions. Daphne is presenting her health plan along with fabulous style tips from Fabby. The show will also have Cyndi Lauper heating up the kitchen with Mario Batali.

Cyndi Lauper on “The Chew”

ABC's “The Chew” is known for having fun as well as serving up delicious food. It is a complete lifestyle television program that shows viewers how to enjoy the moments in their lives. Today Cyndi Lauper will visit with the crew. Known for her hit song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” Cyndi is sure to bring even more good times to “The Chew” as she cooks up something special with Mario. Cyndi is a renowned singer, songwriter and actress from Queens, New York.

In 1983, Cyndi became world famous with the release of her solo album, “She's So Unusual.” Hits from the album include, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” “She Bop,” “Time After Time” and “All Through the Night.” It was also the first album to have four top-five singles by a woman. In 1985, it earned Cyndi the Best New Artist Award at the 27th Grammy Awards. Her next album in 1986 was “True Colors” and it earned two nominations at the 29th Grammy Awards. Since 1989, Cyndi has released nine albums and the most recent was “Memphis Blues” in 2010. More than a good time girl, Cyndi has over 40 singles that sold over 50 million around the globe. She was won the Grammy, AMA, MTV, Billboard, VMA and Emmy awards. She also landed at number 58 on the 100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll by VH1 in 1999. Recently Cyndi appeared on TV Land's “Happily Divorced” with Fran Drescher. She is sure to liven up the New Year today on “The Chew.”

Chew Year's Resolutions

Everyone enjoyed watching some of the best fall episodes of “The Chew” while the crew took some time off. Today the regulars are back to share their Chew Year's Resolutions. When a new year starts, many people take inventory of their lives. They make resolutions to do certain things better to improve the quality of life. “The Chew” is ready to help their fans keep their resolutions for 2013.

Daphne is sharing her Health Plan to ensure viewers develop a healthy approach to life. As the daughter of Dr. Oz, Daphne is sure to have some terrific ideas. Clinton is the resident fashion expert and lets everyone know how to look good from the outside and Daphne takes care of the inside. Clinton a/k/a Fabby will share a few sensational style tips to keep viewers fashion-forward in the new year. This week promises to be better than ever on “The Chew” with celebrity guests and an array of tips to make the new year even better. HULIQ will return with more later.

TAKE HOME MOMENT: A new year is the perfect time to recreate yourself and do better. It makes a difference to feel good in the inside and outside. Part of that process is to simply have fun and find the joy in life everyday.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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