An HGTV Blonde Moment On The Jennie Garth Project

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There is a blonde moment along with moments of realization during the premiere episodes of HGTV's The Jennie Garth Project. Thought slightly different from most other HGTV programming, the show offers some unexpected revelations.

Last night the long-awaited premiere of "The Jennie Garth Project" premiered on HGTV. In this new home renovation show, Jennie heads for the hills - Hollywood Hills, that is - to help transform a 1970s ranch house into a modern abode. While Jennie might be a celebrity, she is ready to take on some of the dirty work herself.

In the premiere episode on Sept. 16, Jennie prepares to tackle a gut renovation of an outdated house in Studio City, California. Jennie works with her contractor Scott to strip the home down and rebuild it to be her dream house. Now Jennie can add home renovation specialist to her list of accomplishments including actress, director and author.

Beyond being the star of a new HGTV renovation series, Jennie Garth is the recently single mother of three. Many of her fans remember Jennie from "Beverly Hills, 90210." Recently she starred in ABC Family's "Mystery Girls" with former "Beverly Hills, 90210" co-star, Tori Spelling. It was recently revealed the cable network was not ordering any more episodes of the half-hour show.

Much like the characters and situations from "Beverly Hills, 90210," HGTV's "The Jennie Garth Project" speaks to women of her generation. My friend was also recently divorced and is trying to renovate an older home she refers to as an "albatross." Jennie shows women they can take on these projects on their own. It's an important message for single mothers who are trying to raise children, build solid careers and have a home they can relax in.

There was even a blonde moment during the premiere episode. Jennie invites a friend over to help her choose wood for the floor. Ultimately a blonde wood is selected to offset the color of the ceiling. With the help of a friend, Jennie realized she did not want the same color wood on the floor as the wood used for the ceiling. It was a realistic moment. Busy women on their own often depend on the sage advice they get from friends.

Jennie is currently working on the living room. Fans note she has a modern and sensible style that is sure to make this home look fabulous when it is finished. We had another dose of realism when Jennie discovers a costly repair that makes her re-evaluate her plan. After contemplation, new inspiration hits and the project moves forward. Jennie also learns about making bold decisions and how to add curb appeal to a house.

Single moms around the country can relate to what Jennie is going through. They want a space of their own based on their unique preferences and budget. Sometimes money can be an issue but a dose of creativity and some insight from friends can get you through the tougher moments.

In the next episode of HGTV's "The Jennie Garth Project," scheduled to air on Sept. 23, Jennie will be working on creating a welcoming space for visitors. She will build a guest suite with a private garden. However, the heat is one when the family arrives to offer their opinions. It should interesting to see how she handles it. Apparently none of us are strangers to unwanted family advice.

As we go room-to-room with this tenacious single mom, we realize the true meaning of blonde ambition. HGTV's "The Jennie Garth Project" might not be the usual fare on a network dedicated to industry experts such as "The Property Brothers" and "Love It Or List It." But we'll keep tuning in because we want to see this hard-working woman succeed. If she can do it, maybe the rest of us can, too.

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