HGTV Cancels Show and Benham Brothers Faithfully Move Forward

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After HGTV canceled their show and their business was potentially in jeopardy, the Benham brothers held strongly to their Christian beliefs and continued to move forward in faith.

Being a Christian is often a challenge. Recently the Benham brothers proved this after the identical twins discovered their new HGTV show “Flip It Forward” was canceled. David and Jason Benham were open about their conservative views on gay marriage and abortion. These beliefs set off a series of events that may have discouraged the most dedicated Christian.

According to the Daily Caller, after the HGTV show was canceled, SunTrust Banks had pulled its listed properties with the twin brothers. The Benham brothers fix and flip bank-owned properties. Due to an uproar from conservative customers, the decision to end the relationship with the real estate moguls was reversed.

However, viewers will not get to see the HGTV reality television show “Flip It Forward.” The brothers stated they were not bothered by the show being canceled because of what they believe. Their greatest concern was finishing the renovations for the homes meant for low-income families.

David Benham felt the people most affected by the HGTV decision to cancel the show were the families who “stepped out in faith to flip a house for the show.” Jason Benham described their work as more than TV materials. The brothers proved this by completing the work on their own for these homeowners.

The news from HGTV came on May 7 after complaints came in regarding their stance on biblical values. The brothers view the bully as the intolerant side of the pro-choice and gay agendas rather than a certain group or cable network. Charisma News reveals Jason indicated Jesus loves all people but not all ideas.

Before the debut of the real estate investment show, the Right Wing Watch website posted an article about the Benhams opposing abortion and supporting traditional marriage. Since the cancellation, the twins have spoken out about their biblical beliefs on ABC's Nightline, Fox News, CNN, Good Morning America and more.

Jason indicated they did not want to fight but were compelled by love and love of Jesus. Despite what appeared to be setbacks, the Benham brothers continue to have a thriving real estate business in North Carolina. It is also not the first time they suffered from setbacks and wound up coming back stronger than ever.

The Benham brothers state they are “pro-people” rather than being anti-anything. The famous brothers said the church must articulate that sinners can be redeemed but the sin cannot. The redefinition of sin is a lie that continues to impact modern society.

Standing up for Christian beliefs is becoming increasingly difficult but the Benham brothers did it with faith and no fear. They are an example to Chrstians about letting go of fear, speaking out about what you know is right and continuing to help others despite the circumstances.

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