HGTV Color Vs. Color Lets Fans Pick Their Favorite Hue

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HGTV recognizes color can be used to create a certain atmosphere. Colors can even have a positive impact on our mood. Decide which HGTV color choice is your favorite this month.

The gurus at HGTV are having a friendly face-off about color. HGTV is inviting fans to choose their favorite color to see which hue is the most popular. Discover a rainbow of colors you can incorporate into your future home designs while you decide which one you like the most.

Pick a Color

When you go for a manicure or pedicure, the first statement the technician usually makes is to, "Pick a color." Your nails become part of your overall sense of style. The same holds true when you decorate a living space. One of your first choices are the colors you want to incorporate into the room. Various colors create different feelings. HGTV is inviting fans to re-pin the color palette they prefer on Pinterest. Fans simply choose 1 of 12 color palettes as their fave.

Fall is for Apples

One of the favorite fall activities for families is going apple picking. Harvesting apples is excellent exercise and the fruits of your labor are delicious. A color palette showcased by HGTV is apple green. This bright green brings an uplifting mood into bedrooms, living areas and more. Will this become your preferred color? There are 11 other palates to consider.

Beach Vibes

Even though the sands of summer are slipping through our fingers, you can keep the beach vibe alive in your living areas. Another palette presented by HGTV is aqua with orange. This dynamic combination makes any type of home feel like a fantastic getaway by the sea. Keep the joy of the beach going all through the winter with these eye-catching colors.

Evergreen Throughout the Seasons

One of the constant hues we see all year long is a rich green. HGTV presents an emerald green palette that is sure to add a touch of timeless class to any room. Green is seen as a sign of spring yet evergreens live throughout the winter season. This might be a reason you decide to choose emerald green as your favorite color palette.

Head over to the HGTV website to discover more beautiful color palettes including unique hues such as cerise and eggplant. Which one is your favorite? Re-pin the palette on Pinterest and comment below to let us know the one you like the most. The Pinterest votes will be counted on Sept. 26 to find out which palette is the overall favorite.

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