HGTV DIY Design Tips for Great Kid's Room

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As the kids plan to head back to school, HGTV realizes the need to have an attractive room. Discover a few simple and affordable DIY tips to transform your kid's room from ho-hum to fabulous.

During the summer, kids' rooms tend to get messy and disorganized. With school days right around the corner, HGTV is offering a few DIY tips to make your kids' rooms more appealing. After a long day at school, kids head to their rooms to do homework and unwind. Discover some ways to make their spaces more inviting and attractive on a budget.

Create Your Own Miniature Art Gallery

All of the photos, drawing and craft projects your kids bring home from school can be turned into an art gallery on the walls of their bedrooms. Use foam frames and colorful signage to reflect a certain message. On weekends, create additional artworks to add to their wall of fame. You many even create a budding artist or two along the way.

Mix It Up

Add different pieces over time rather than trying to find a pricey furniture set that matches. This gives an eclectic feel to your kid's room. Another idea is to infuse patterns and color into the room with an inexpensive throw rug or a few puffy pillows. Create your own unique headboard for the bed using a sewing machine and spare fabric. Get crafty with your family and the kids will be pleased to see the results of their handiwork in their bedrooms.

Make the Walls Tell a Story

Painting is a fun project the whole family can do. Use striping or various colors on the walls to make them stand out. Consider get wall decals in your kid's favorite designs. My daughter chose to add butterflies to her wall and everyone compliments them when they enter her room. The colors, textures and designs on the wall can tell a story about what your child likes most.

Make Your Own Mobile

Some string, a few tidbits of paper or fabric and plenty of imagination are all you need to create an eye-catching mobile for your child's room. Do you remember the mobile Miranda made in "Sex and the City" that included photos of her face for her son to see when she was at work? No matter what your crafting level, it is easy to create a mobile that is sure to make your kid smile.

Older kids can tidy up their rooms and help with the cleaning with the help of these savvy tips from HGTV fans. Having a cool, organized room on a dime helps your kids focus better and relax after going to school.

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