HGTV Fans Share Quick Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning tips

Summer means the living is easy but HGTV recognizes the cleanup might be more difficult. HGTV fans shared quick tips to help you clean the house in less time so you can enjoy the remaining days of summer.

Summertime is easy-going, fun and filled with outdoor pleasures. But often family members and guests bring the remnants of this outdoor excursions into your home. Muddy floors, sandy rugs and grimy bathrooms become your responsibility. Fortunately, HGTV fans shared some quick cleaning tips to help keep your home tidy in less time so you have more time for summer fun.

Keep It Together

One HGTV fan recommends keeping all your cleaning supplies in one place. It is a good idea to use a plastic bucket or holder with a handle. This makes it easy to carry your cleansers, brushes and sponges around the house. It is particularly helpful for people who live in 2-story and 3-story homes. When your cleaning supplies are organized and accessible, you can get to work right away.

Laundry Each Day

The summer often means endless dirty towels, swimsuits and sweaty t-shirts. Instead of doing laundry weekly, put in a quick load each day. If you wait for a week to go by, it is likely you'll have a mountain of laundry to tackle that could take up an entire day. Stay on top of it by doing a daily load of laundry.

Natural Solutions to Common Problems

The summer heat can encourage mold to form quickly on your shower walls. One HGTV fan recommends rubbing them down with lemon oil to keep them cleaner longer. Another fan reveals vinegar is one of the most effective cleansers for a variety of household purposes. Consider these 20 ways to use vinegar around the house.

Stay organized and enlist the assistance of your family and house guests to maintain a clean home in the summer. With the kids heading back to school soon, you want to spend more time on family fun and less time on cleaning. These simple tips from HGTV fans can help you get through the cleaning ritual in less time than you imagined.

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