HGTV Father's Day Recipes and Cocktail Ideas

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HGTV is serving up some sensational Father's Day recipes and cocktail ideas for private gatherings or big parties in honor of Dad.

Father's Day is on Sunday and HGTV is offering some fabulous suggestions including delicious recipes for cuisine and cocktails. Whether you decide to celebrate privately or invite people for a party, Dad deserves to have the best day ever. HGTV makes it easier with some terrific ideas to honor the special men in your life.

HGTV Father's Day Recipes for Tasty Dishes

Most fathers love to eat and HGTV Father's Day recipes give them an excuse to nibble all day. The day starts off beautifully when you serve Dad a cowboy breakfast skillet in bed. He is sure to love a Tex-Mex breakfast with mouthwatering ingredients such as beans, fire-roasted tomatoes and jalapenos. Serve breakfast with a bloody Mary with a twist including carrot juice, yellow pepper slices and cherry tomatoes. Give dad plenty of treats to eat during the day. Pizza hand pies are easy to eat as Dad runs around all over town to have a good time. They can be filled with his favorite pizza toppings and served with marinara sauce for dipping. Prepare yummy HGTV choices for every palate. A vegetarian father is sure to like the sourdough stuff with Parmesan and leeks. Go healthy with a Greek chicken-stuffed pita make with nonfat Greek yogurt.

End the day with a fantastic dinner and dessert. Grilled citrus herb branzino means Dad will get to eat fish even if he didn't catch any when he went fishing earlier in the day. Make Father's Day more healthy with this yummy dinner selection served with a parsley radish salad. Another option is a salt-encrusted branzino that is even easy for a novice cook to make. When it comes to dessert, the sky is the limit. A chocolate tea biscuit cake is rich and worthy of royalty for the king of your castle. Consider making Coca Cola cupcakes with salted peanut butter frosting for a dose of salty and sweet.

HGTV Father's Day Cocktail Recipes

HGTV knows Father's Day is even more fun with unique cocktails. The white negroni cocktail includes bitters to pack a serious punch. If you dad like chocolate, he is sure to want a cocoa freeze cocktail while he lounges by the pool or lays out in the sun. The drink is no lightweight with Kahlua or tequila. Chill him out even more with a frozen mint julep that is sure to make Southern dads smile. HGTV helps you keep the day cool and refreshing with a frozen orange cocktail with vanilla-infused vodka and orange French liqeur.

If Dad loves beer, he is sure to like to eat foods make with his favorite beverage. Ale pretzel caramels taste like caramel and ale. They are sure to be a sweet and savory delight for Dad. Prepare a snack that goes perfectly with his preferred beer. A beer cheese dip is spicy and can be served with toasted crostinis or pretzel sticks. Make it feel like Dad's favorite pub at home with pub-style pretzels served with beer cheese sauce and his fave beer. Top off a beer-infused day with blue moon beer cupcakes make with Blue Moon beer for a tangy touch of sweetness. Does Dad like pina coladas instead? Serve some baked pina colada doughnuts made with pineapple juice. It is an unusual change from the glazed doughnut breakfast sandwiches recently served by Dunkin' Donuts.

HGTV is offering an array of amazing Father's Day ideas at Pinterest with photos to enhance the instructions. From a Father's Day fiesta to great gifts, figure out how to make Dad happy with suggestions from HGTV.

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