HGTV Flipping the Block Premieres This Sunday with Big Money on the Line

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HGTV Flipping the Block

HGTV "Flipping the Block" premieres this Sunday night and fans are looking forward to some new competitive programming in the middle of the sleepy summer season.

It seems HGTV recognized TV viewers are unsettled about watching reruns throughout the summer. Now HGTV fans can get the variety they crave when "Flipping the Block" premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m. The renovation show includes fierce competition that is sure to keep viewers on the edges of their seats.

About HGTV "Flipping the Block"

The new show features 4 teams, 4 renovation projects and 1 cash price. HGTV indicates it is the toughest flipping competition yet. When an investor flips a home, they purchase the property with the intent to sell it for profit. Often the investor needs to upgrade and renovate the home to make it appealing to potential buyers and get the greatest return on investment (ROI).

The show is hosted by Josh Temple. To keep the competition fair, the 4 duos are expected to transform 4 identical condos. The run-down condos will need to be revamped to put them on the market. Once they look great, they will be sold to the highest bidder. The team that gets the highest bid wins the competition. The prize is $50,000 and ability for the winning team to prove they can effectively flip a home for profit.

The Hosts of the Show

The host of the television show is Josh Temple and the online host is David Bromstad. Temple is well-known as the host of the DIY Network's series "House Crashers and "Disaster House." He is a licensed contractor who confidently demolishes and reconstructs house and landscapes. Temple has also worked with friends and family in Los Angeles to flip houses. He has traveled the world and knows what it takes to transform homes. He is sure to be the ideal host of HGTV's "Flipping the Block."

David Bromstad is the online host of this new show. He was the season one winner of HGTV "Design Star" who started his career as a design student in Florida. He hosts the weekly series "Color Splash" and also appears in the new series "HGTV'd". Bromstad has a love of color, appreciation for works on many platforms and brings innovative ideas to any project.

More About the Teams

Four dynamic duos will be competing for the big money and prestige. Each team has its own unique story and qualifications. The ultimate goal is to effectively flip a house and earn the highest profit to win the competition. The stakes are high with a $50,000 prize to the winners. The possibilities are also good according to a recent MarketWatch article. During the first three months of this year, home flippers realized a 30 percent gross ROI. This one of the highest levels in years.

The Black Team, John and Whitney Spinks, is a married couple from Jacksonville, Florida. The Blue Team, Craig and Brian Welborn, are twin brothers from Austin, Texas. The Red Team, Shauna Jones Williams and Anicka Jones Marshall, are sisters from New Orleans, Louisiana. Finally, the Silver team is a couple from Coronado, California that has been dating for a year, Curtis Goldin and Amanda Marks.

There will be eight shows in total then the winning team will be announced. One Facebook fan stated, "Can't wait to watch it for the 1st time. I may record it with my DVR." Quiet Sunday nights just got a lot more interesting with HGTV "Flipping the Block", premiering this Sunday at 9/8c.

Image Source: HGTV Facebook

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