HGTV Helps Cats and People Share a Happy Home

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HGTV recognizes cats are part of the family but can sometimes wreak havoc on a home. A few simple tips help cat lovers and their fur babies enjoy a happier, cleaner home together.

For those of us who share space with a cat or multiple kitties, HGTV is offering some solid suggestion on how to coexist in harmony. Pet lovers love to ensure their homes are cozy for the fur babies but also want to be comfortable themselves. Here are some simple ways to make it happen.

Take Note of Textures and Preferences

Cats exercise their claws on wood and various textures outdoors. Having lots of fabric such as long curtains and wooden tables are a temptation for your kitty. Most cats will inevitably be attracted to these things and want to scratch them. Opt for blinds or valances instead of fluttering curtains - or leave your windows beautifully bare. Consider metal, glass, Lucite or plastic furniture instead of wood. Keep a scratching post with their favorite textures in a well-traveled place so cats always have somewhere to do their thing. Start trimming their nails at a young age to discourage them from scratching a lot. Take time to play with your cat. This helps to keep them from jumping up on counters or other places you would prefer they stay away from.

Safe Ways to Deter Kitty

There will always be certain items you want your cat to avoid. You might have a particular piece of treasured furniture from your grandmother. Keep kitty away by putting down aluminum foil or sticky tape. Soon your furry friend will take the hint. Choose furniture in colors and patterns that camouflage your cat's hair. Throw down a blanket where you kitty likes to lay so you can have clean places for your guests to sit down. If you're going out, close the doors to rooms you don't want kitty to go into. Teach kids and guests the proper way to treat kitty - no tail pulling or teasing is allowed. Add shaggy throw rugs to make your floors irresistible to your cat - this will help keep them off that favorite chair.

Just in case of a mess, keep everything you need to clean in a handy bucket like the one suggested by an HGTV fan. Visit the HGTV website to get more tips about living happily with your cat including when to bring another kitty home, how to socialize your cat with a dog and more.

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