HGTV Helps Fans Create Beautiful Kitchens

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HGTV is helping fans create inviting kitchen with a few simple theme designs and tips.

The kitchen is a place for cooking and gathering. Most guests wind up milling around in your kitchen. If it looks less than appealing, HGTV is offering theme designs and tips to help you update this essential room in your home.

Going Asian in the Kitchen

An Asian theme in the kitchen is clean, streamlined and modern. Include simple lines and basic colors with appliances that fit seamlessly in the the decor. Add natural elements such as bamboo flooring for an authentic Asian feel. Consider using stainless steel counters and appliances for a clean and cutting edge look.

Cottage Appeal

The appeal of a country cottage is another theme you can bring into the kitchen. This easy-going style features wood cabinets and basic accessories such as a vase of fresh flowers on the table. If your cabinets and tables are getting worn or old, consider painting them white to fit into the cottage theme.

Mediterranean Luxury

A Mediterranean kitchen is the ideal place to gather for food, fun and conversation. Make sure there are plenty of areas to prepare food and sit down. Include colors such as orange, red and soft yellow. Add rustic hardware and a distressed look to your cabinets. If your kitchen has recessed nooks or arches, it is ideal for a Mediterranean theme.

Modern Flair

If you prefer the latest looks, add modern flair to your kitchen. A modern theme has simple lines and often incorporates industrial materials into the mix. An example is a concrete counter and back-splash. Usually modern kitchens are mostly black and white. Add accents in a single bold color, such as tomato red, to make your kitchen really stand out.

For additional ways to bring a unique theme into your kitchen, check out the HGTV website. Adding a theme is an easy way to give your kitchen a whole new look without going over your budget.

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