HGTV Helps Fans Make the Most of Small Urban Spaces

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Living in a small urban apartment often means having limited space. Ideas from HGTV Remodels help urban dwellers make the most of limited living areas..

Many people appreciate living in the city because of accessibility to work, restaurants and cultural venues. Often city homes are expensive which could mean having limited living space to stay within your budget. Even if your apartment is tiny, HGTV Remodels is offering ways to make it feel more spacious and comfortable.

Making the Most of 375 Square Feet

HGTV Remodels shows how to make the most of the limited space in a 375 square foot apartment. Trying to fit a sofa, desk and other living essentials into a small space is definitely a challenge. This apartment dweller wanted to make the most of the area by including a living room, dining room, bedroom and workspace. HGTV proved these creative dreams can become an inviting reality.

Working with the Floor Plan

Often the layout of small apartments is unusual. Some apartments are studios with unique floor plans. Others could be a junior one-bedroom or one-bedroom. Either way, it is essential to examine the floor plan and see how to improve the overall layout. The rooms should make sense and blend together to be livable. It is important to measure each area and the furniture to ensure everything fits into the environment with room to walk and move around.

Creating Storage Space

Some smaller apartments have built-ins which can be used to store essential items. Bookshelves and shelving are other ways to maximize wall space and use it for storage. You can also display items such as attractive dishware to make them part of the decor rather than trying to find ways to tuck them away.

Visit the HGTV website to find out more about how to transform your small apartment into the versatile home you want. Have the best of both worlds by living in the city and enjoying a cozy home with space for living, dining and working.

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