HGTV Highlights Kitchen Lighting Design Trends

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While people are often concerned about the cabinets and appliances, HGTV realize the importance of having good lighting in the kitchen. The latest lighting trends are both functional and decorative.

Dedicated HGTV fans such as myself know stainless steels and granite counters make a kitchen more modern and fabulous. HGTV recently shared some of the latest lighting trends that are both beautiful and illuminating.

Hang Around with Pendant Lighting

One way to add a modern touch to your kitchen space is using pendant lighting. Keep in mind the wattage to ensure you have adequate lighting for preparing food, cooking and entertaining. Be aware of the space between kitchen islands and cooking areas when you have pendant lighting installed. Make sure they aren't too close - after all, you don't anyone to hit his or her head into the lighting.

Luxuriously Layered Lighting

Add dimension to this essential room with layered lighting. Try adding sconces or pendant lighting for a whole new look. Keep your recessed lighting for a completely layered feel that offers the lighting you need take care of business in the kitchen.You can also layer pendant lighting in different sizes for an interesting look. Creative combinations make your kitchen warmer and more inviting.

Spotlight On the Kitchen

Lighting can be used to add shadows or highlight a certain area of the kitchen. Use sconces in areas where you want to create a relaxed vibe, such as a sitting space. Spotlight a large table where everyone should gather or the counter where the magic happens when you make meals.

The Material of the Matter

Bring an artistic flair into your kitchen with artistic lighting options. Colored glass light fixtures can bring a dash of color into the space. Check out unique materials such as distressed metals and re-purposed woods for an authentic look. Lighting made with various materials create a mood in this well-traveled room.

Visit the HGTV website to learn more about how to use lighting to make your kitchen unique and fully operational. After all, it always makes good sense to shed a little light on this situation - especially when you are cooking and entertaining.

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