HGTV House Hunters Search For a Picture Perfect Kitchen in Austin

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Friday night on HGTV House Hunters, newlyweds want an Austin home with a grand entrance and Ruthie needs a picture-perfect kitchen for her blog.

On HGTV House Hunters Friday night, newlyweds want a suburban home in Austin, Texas with a grand entrance in a planned community. Ruthie is looking for a picturesque kitchen for her blog. Jon would like a big garage where he can pursue his hobby of muscle cars. It seems some compromises might have to be made along the way.

Newlyweds With Big Dreams

Everyone is rooting for the newlyweds on HGTV "House Hunters" on Friday night as they search for a house in Austin, Texas. Ruthie and Jon are ready to buy the home of their dreams and start a family. As a blogger, Ruthie wants a kitchen where she can photograph her recipes for “The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart.” She would prefer a large kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Ruthie prefers to be in a planned community like her parents with a nice-sized entertainment space outside where their pooch Ernie can run. In her blog entry on Friday, Ruthie says, “Tonight we are having a houseful of family and friends over to watch the show, many of which were in on the filming with us, and we couldn't be more excited!”

Jon likes muscles cars and would like to have a 3-car garage. He also plays table tennis on weekends and thinks it would be great to have a second floor game room at home. Jon prefers a grand entrance with high ceilings. He does not mind if there are a few projects around the house to do while Ruthie would like the home move-in ready and built within the past decade. On a budget of $300K to $350K, the couple might have to make a few compromises along the way much like many other couples on HGTV "House Hunters."

Three Distinctively Different Homes in Austin, Texas

The first home Ruthie and Jon viewed had four bathrooms and three and a half baths. The price of the home was recently reduced from $359K to $349K. It was located in Steiner Ranch, the planned community of their choice. It has a two-car garage and an office area for Jon. There is also a pleasant desk area for Ruthie. The magnificent entrance has tall ceilings and a catwalk where you can see the open floor plan. From the kitchen they can see right into the living area, a feature Ruthie likes. The first floor master bedroom has a dual vanity, nice tub and separate shower and a walk-in closet. There is also a game room upstairs and an attic that can be transformed into a media room in the future. Ruthie notices there were all sorts of mismatched finishes in the house but Jon feels they can fix that easily. Also, the yard is not as private as they hoped because they can see their neighbors' house in the back.

The real estate agent lets them know they can get more house for less money if they look outside the planned community. Reluctantly they visit a house located further from family and work. The attractive stone home is priced at $340K. They walk into a grand entrance and notice there is a three-car garage. There is a somewhat smaller office area than the first house. Ruthie likes the brushed nickel fixtures and the stonework in the kitchen with stainless appliances and granite counters. The cabinets are dark but Ruthie thinks the stonework will look appealing in her blog photos. The ceilings are not two-story like the first house, which makes the living space less grand. The stonework on the fireplace matches the kitchen. There is a big yard with mature trees. The master bedroom is spacious with its own bathroom with separate tub and a rather odd shower space the Jon compares to a lighthouse. There is also a game room area and another office space for Ruthie as well as two more bedrooms and a full bath. The house is completely finished and would need no work.

The third home is back in Steiner Ranch and priced at an affordable $299K. It has four bedrooms and two and a half baths but no garage space. The home was build in 1996 and has rather dated marble floors and a wood banister. There are two-story ceilings and a small catwalk. Ruthie did not really fall in love with this kitchen with its black appliances. There is a large corner fireplace in the living area with marble. The backyard has a patio area for entertaining but is somewhat sloped. The master bedroom is a good size with an entrance out to the yard. The master bath has white cabinets but Ruthie notices they do not match the white of the counters. The bonus room could be used as a media or game room but there was no extra office space. This means a bedroom would have to be used as an office. However, the home is located on a cul de sac.

Making Dreams Come True

This delightful duo now had to figure out how to make all their suburban housing dreams come true. The first house was at the top of their budget and Ruthie wanted a more impressive kitchen. The second house had a magazine-ready kitchen but was located far from family and work. The third house was under budget but one of the bedrooms would have to be used as an office.

Ultimately, the couple decided the first house would offer everything they need with its sensible layout. They were able to negotiate the price down to $337K. In just a week, the house was painted and started to look like a home. The natural light and wood in the kitchen are ideal for Ruthie's blog photos. Jon appreciates having a home office with a door to close. They discovered they like the neighbors in the back and Ernie certainly seems happy in his new yard.

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