HGTV Ideas for a Back to School Homework Hub

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HGTV recognizes back to school days are here, although everyone would like summer to last longer. Having a designated homework space helps kids and teens focus better on their schoolwork. HGTV offers a few great ways to transform almost any space into a homework hub.

As the dog days of summer come to an end, HGTV fans realize it is time to prepare for the back to school season. Part of keeping kids focused is having an organized place for them to do homework. HGTV offers a few simple ways to transform any space into a functional homework hub.

Date It

One way to ensure students get their assignments done on time is to post a huge whiteboard calendar in the center of the homework hub. They can write down assignments with due dates to keep track of what they have to do. Another option is a huge paper calendar on the desktop, depending on how much space you have.

Light It Up

A homework station should be comfortable and operational. Add a light so kids can see their books and paperwork without straining their eyes. Include creature comforts such as speakers and a docking station for their smartphones. Everything will be in one area so they can get to work after school.

Put It Away

Have a desk with a drawer and shelving to put everything away when homework is done. This gives kids a sense of completion and keeps the homework hub tidy. Supplies such as scissors and pens can be put in a drawer. Books, notebooks and packages of paper can be stored on shelving.

Plug It In

Often kids need electronic devices to complete their homework. Make it convenient for them to power up by plugging in a surge protector with electrical outlets and USB ports. It will be the one place where they can get charged up for doing homework after a long day at school.

Sit On It

Invest in an ergonomic chair where your little scholar can sit in comfort. The chair provides the proper back support so your child can think about homework rather than feeling uncomfortable.

Visit the HGTV website for more fantastic ideas on creating a great homework hub. From a chalkboard room divider to motivational art, there are ways to keep your kids inspired throughout the school year ahead.

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