HGTV Ideas for Creating an Office in a Small Space

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HGTV Small Office Space

As people prepare for the hectic back-to-school season, HGTV is offering ideas for creating an office in a small space where you can do homework or work at home while the kids are at school.

HGTV recognizes the need for an office space as parents and kids prepare for the back-to-school season. Some parents will be returning to a full work schedule or work-at-home jobs. The kids need a peaceful place to do homework. Even if you have limited space, HGTV offers great ways to transform any area into a functional office.

Choose Your Space

A dash of creativity is needed to transform a small space into a working office area. The first step is to choose the location of your new office. A quiet corner of your bedroom can be used as an office. Other thoughtful options include a loft area, closet and the space between a closet and the room. Determine who will be using the office and select a space that is accessible to everyone. Other options include your laundry room, an empty wall or a hallway.

Smart Use of Shelving

Shelving can help you create an office in almost any area of your home. Put shelves on the wall to hold your office supplies and other essentials. Use a wall-to-ceiling shelf to create a divider and make your office more private. Wall dividers can also be used to section off an office space in larger rooms. Bring color and design into the space to make it more desirable. You can make the office area a separate color scheme to set it off from the rest of the room.

Whether you use an office area to surf the Internet and find great HGTV decorating ideas or you need it for homework and other work at home, a touch of creativity can turn a small area into a terrific office.

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