HGTV Ideas for an Easy Vegetable Garden Anyone Can Grow at Home

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HGTV is offering some great raised bed gardening tips to help people start their own healthy vegetable gardens at home this spring.

Spring is right around the corner and it is the perfect time to think about starting a vegetable garden. Growing your own produce is fun, affordable and healthy. HGTV is offering a few excellent raised bed gardening ideas to get you started. Even people with physical limitations can start growing their own vegetables and herbs at home.

HGTV Helps People Set Up a Simple Vegetable Garden

People from around the country can benefit from HGTV's gardening tips. Raised beds are almost like container but they can't be moved. Creating a bed is a way to gain control over the composition and quality of the soil you use. This is particularly beneficial for people who live in areas where the soil has clay or sand. You can select the ideal soil for growing everything from corn to green beans.

Using elevated planter boxes also adds aesthetic appeal to your yard. Reclaimed railroad ties are a way to create a raised bed. These unique beds also improve drainage and mean less bending down to garden. People with back problems experience minimal strain when they don't have to constantly squat or bend to tend to the garden. You can also mix vegetables and flowers for a garden that is functional and beautiful. Another idea is growing fresh herbs to use in all types of recipes, including sauces.

HGTV suggests bricks can also be used to create these lovely gardens. It is essential to remember to include drainage channels so your vegetables grown strong and healthy. Working in these gardens is much easier for people who have mobility problems. The vegetables can be at eye level. Everyone can have the benefit of growing their own fresh produce. It is also an excellent solution for people with limited space who still want to grow a robust garden. One HGTV Facebook fan commented, " With my physical limitations, the only kind of gardening I can do!"

According to HGTV, timbers and stone can also be used to make one of these wonderful gardens. Improve drainage by mixing topsoil with organic matter. It is a breeze to plant and maintain vegetables in this type of garden. They are also much easier to harvest when you are ready to cook them or serve them raw in a salad. Nothing feels better than making a meal with your own freshly grown herbs and vegetables.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetables

HGTV has shared an excellent way for everyone to create their own vegetable garden. It is simple to setup and easy to maintain, even if you have physical limitations. Consider a few of the benefits of growing your own vegetables rather than buying them at a local grocery store.

The vegetables and herbs you grow will be fresh and free of pesticides. You have control over how the vegetables are grown and nothing is fresher than taking them right out of your garden. Of course it is always wise to rinse vegetables before using them. Another benefit is the money you can save. Besides eating fresh vegetables, you can learn how to can and preserve them. When you consider the price of produce and sauces, this can really add up. Tending to a garden is also a terrific way to get exercise and fresh air. The family can work on a vegetable garden and spend time together accomplishing a common goal. This makes your crops even more appealing.

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