HGTV Ideas for Giving Kitchen Cabinets a Facelift

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HGTV is offering several great ideas to revamp your kitchen cabinets for a fresh, new look.

Updating your kitchen can be pricey project. Often people try to salvage their kitchen cabinets to cut costs. HGTV is offering some fantastic ideas for giving your kitchen cabinets a face-lift for a whole new look in this well-traveled room.

Add a Coat of Paint

If you have old-fashioned kitchen cabinets that match the rustic look of the rest of your house, you want to maintain their integrity. Raised-panel cabinets are a great example. Give them a more modern look by adding a coat of paint in an edgy color. Take older cabinets and make them look eclectic by choosing a unique hue that matches the rest of your kitchen decor.

Concealed Storage

When you live in a small house or cottage, space is a premium. You have to make the most of limited space for storage. One way to do it is by adding cabinets for concealed storage. Ideas include roll-out shelving, soft-closed drawers and concealed hinging to make your kitchen more efficient.

Get Hamptons Style

The tony Hamptons has a signature look that brings a touch of class into any home. To create a Hamptons feeling in your home, consider adding white marble to your kitchen island and include a motif throughout the room such as interlocking diamonds. For complete sleekness, cover built-in refrigerators with panels.

Other ideas include using innovative materials to create customized kitchen cabinets such as steel cabinets in a modern setting or bamboo for a lakeside mood. Visit the HGTV website to discover more ways to update your kitchen cabinets to make this room more functional and inviting.

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