HGTV Memorial Day Cocktails Liven Up Summer Parties

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HGTV is offering a few refreshing Memorial Day cocktail recipes that are sure to liven up all types of summer parties.

Memorial Day weekend is just a few days away and HGTV is helping fans get ready for it. HGTV Memorial Day cocktail recipes are an intoxicating way to celebrate the unofficial start of summer. Memorial Day parties are sure to be more fun when guests are holding one of these tasty cocktails concocted compliments of HGTV.

HGTV Memorial Day Cocktails with Numi Teas

Few people can resist the allure of Memorial Day weekend parties. The hint of summer is in the air and the kids have a few days off from school. Summer vacation is less than a month away and everyone is ready to swim in the pool or hit the beach. Often people order seasonal favorites such as a Long Island iced tea, which actually does not contain any tea. HGTV is offering tantalizing recipes containing real tea, complements of Numi Organic Tea. The most discerning guests are sure to appreciate these unique HGTV Memorial Day cocktail specialties. A summer party is sure to be better when you serve a Cantalope Tea Daquiri, Green Iced Tea or Gray Russion made with Numi teas and liquors such as tequila and vodka.

HGTV Serves Fruity Cocktail Concoctions

Summertime brings to mind hot days and cooling off with fresh fruit. Add this delicious touch by serving fruity cocktails at your Memorial Day weekend bash. Tom's Mellow Melon Margarita is sure to taste like summer. HGTV offers a fruit-abulous twist on the traditional margarita with this unique cocktail. Nothing tastes more summery than a cocktail made with coconut. It doesn't have to be St. Patrick's Day to serve a Frozen Irish Banana. This tropical cooler is a definite way to put a dose of summer into your Memorial Day gathering. Summer strawberries are even sweeter when they are served muddled in a Very Berry Brazilian.

Unusual HGTV Memorial Day Cocktails

Sometimes the most unusual recipes are the best. HGTV breaks the mold with a couple of out-of-this-world cocktail ideas. The Wed Wabbit includes carrot juice with a Bloody Mary feeling that appeals to your health-conscious guests. Of course you can also serve an actual Bloody Mary at your Memorial Day party. The Oyster Bar Bloody Mary has a tantalizing tartness with lime and lemon juices. Give the Bloody Mary a run for her money and add a hint of the sea to your party when you serve The Bloody Clam.

Chilled Out HGTV Memorial Day Cocktails

Everyone will chill out with The Steve-O 3-O Favo-O-Freeze which includes three o's in the ingredients. Bring Southern style to your Memorial Day party, wherever you decide to celebrate. Serve the Frozen Texas Twister using the best tequila. Travel south-of-the-border with a Frozen Margie-Cadorita, a margarita with guacamole's essential ingredient. Is skinny dipping a tradition at your Memorial Day barbecues? Serve the Hop Skip and Go Naked Punch with beer. Get even wilder when you take a lesson from the people in New Orleans who know how to get a party started right with a Frozen Hurricane (N'Awlins Style). Give your guests chocolate delight with the Mexican Tailgate Cocoa Freeze that tastes like a frozen hot chocolate. Nothing is more refreshing than a Frozen Mint Julep.

Visit the HGTV blog to find out more about these irresistible Memorial Day cocktails and get an array of recipes to make your parties even more exciting. For even more suggestions, check out the 16 Cinco de Mayo cocktail recipes from HGTV. What type of cocktails do you look forward to when summer unofficially starts?

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