HGTV My Big Family Renovation premieres August 7 and Christians rejoice

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HGTV My Big Family Renovation

Fans are looking forward to the premiere of HGTV's "My Big Family Renovation" featuring Brandon and Jen Hatmaker, a pastor and blogger with a big family and the dream of renovating a 100-year-old farmhouse into their dream home.

Summer is here and the new programming continues at HGTV. After watching the premiere of "Flipping the Block," now viewers are looking forward to HGTV "My Big Family Renovation." The show features a large family looking to transform a 100-year-old farmhouse into their dream home.

About the Hatmakers

After questions arose about the cancellation of HGTV's "Flip it Forward," some Christians discussed were concerned about the network's programming choices. The Hatmakers are sure to bring these people back to HGTV. Brandon Hatmaker is an author, pastor and master of DIY projects. His wife Jen Hatmaker is an author, Christian blogger and women's speaker. They have three biological children and two adopted ones. Together they are one big, happy Christian family looking to create the ultimate place to call home.

Finding a Home and Making it Right

The family found a large home in Buda, Texas but there was one major problem - it needed serious renovations to become the family home they all wanted. This meant knocking down walls and using the interior spaces in a whole new way. Planning, dedication and hard work were needed to bring it all together. Updated colors were added to the walls as well as better lighting throughout the rooms. The space had to be used in a more efficient manner to accommodate two parents and five children.

Adding Vintage Touches on a Budget

Renovations can be done on a budget but they also have to be functional and beautiful. The Hatmakers made this happen by finding vintage items for great prices, such as a dresser for the guest bathroom for only $350. It takes savvy shopping and the ability to see the potential in various items to turn an old farmhouse into a dream home. They also found a fabulous vintage dresser, vintage stove for the kitchen and a unique fan they used as artwork.

Keeping up With Family Life

While the renovations were being done, these hard-working parents also had to keep up with family life such as helping the kids with homework. Many of the meals were outsourced during the renovations when the house had no kitchen. As a result, the family decided to turn the backyard shed into a chicken coop. There are sure to be plenty of fresh meals in their future!

Old homes have a charm and allure you can't find in new construction. HGTV "My Big Family Renovation" is sure to give people who appreciate vintage homes and decor ideas for their own living space - as well as ways to make the most of your space to keep a growing family comfortable.

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