HGTV New Shows Include Going Yard With Chris Lambton and Elbow Room [VIDEO]

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The day before Mother's Day promises to be exciting on HGTV with two new shows. On Saturday, HGTV premieres include “Going Yard” with Chris Lambton of “The Bachelorette” and “Elbow Room” with Chip Wade. Lambton's new wife Peyton Wright of “The Bachelor” fame will also appear in "Going Yard."

On Saturday, HGTV premieres two exciting series. The new HGTV show “Elbow Room” with Chip Wade airs at 1 pm ET. At 5 pm ET, the new HGTV series “Going Yard” premieres with professional landscaper Chris Lambton, a favorite on”The Bachelorette” and his pretty wife Peyton Wright of “The Bachelor.”

HGTV “Going Yard” with Chris Lambton of “The Bachelorette” and Wife Peyton Wright of "The Bachelor"

Professional landscaper Chris Lambton was also a fan favorite on “The Bachelorette.” Lambton knows about backyard makeovers and will be showing off his landscaping skills as the host of HGTV's “Going Yard” series. The show premieres on Saturday, May 12, at 5 pm ET. The episodes will also include his lovely wife, Peyton Wright, an alumni from “The Bachelor.”

In each episode of HGTV's “Going Yard,” Lambton will turn a neglected yard into an inviting family area to use for entertaining. Guests will arrive to enjoy the new yard space with a party after Lambton works his magic. He will use plants, arbors, fire pits, patios, water features and more to transform lackluster backyards into an irresistible place to be.

The premiere episode of HGTV's “Going Yard” will take place in Cape Cod. Lambton and his team will combat rain as they build a fun-loving space for the Oliveira family. The design includes an outdoor fireplace, brick patio, double level deck with a planter box and a playground with a tunnel. Of course the Oliveiras will host a party to celebrate the fantastic transformation.

Chris Lambton was born and raised in Dennis, Massachusetts and now lives on Cape Cod. He and his brother own a family businesses named E. Lambton Landscaping. They enjoy working with their father. In episodes of HGTV “Going Yard,” Chris Lambton will work with his wife Peyton Wright to make neglected yards look amazing.

Lambton told TV Guide the first episode would show the audience one of the worst backyards ever. He said, “It was literally dangerous. But we turned it into a beautiful oasis for the family.” Lambton has been landscaping since he was 11 years old and it was his first job.

Chris Lambton appeared as a guest judge on HGTV's “White Room Challenge” weeks before the premiere of “Going Yard.” Lambton said he loved meeting David Bromstad and had watched him on “Color Splash” and other HGTV shows. The famous landscaper also indicated every person he met and talked to at HGTV was incredible, stating, “They have such an amazing family of hosts.”

HGTV “Elbow Room” Premieres With Chip Wade

Earlier on Saturday, the HGTV premiere “Elbow Room” with Chip Wade airs at 1 pm ET. Wade helps a family who has outgrown their home find a way to develop a huge renovation, home addition or custom remodel to accommodate the family's living needs.

The first episode of HGTV's “Elbow Room” takes place at the Webb residence. The family purchased their home because they loved the community. Its outdated floor plan has tiny rooms and they are cramped in the little family room with other rooms going unused. Contractor/designer Chip Wade changes the layout of the home to create a large family living area.

To update the Webbs' home, Wade busts out the walls separating the dining, kitchen and family rooms. The result is a spacious contemporary great room. The dramatic makeover includes an updated kitchen, custom counter that also works as a laptop workspace and a refurnishing living room. The new room becomes the heart of the Webb home.

Chip Wade is an Atlanta native. He comes from a long line of seasoned wood craftsmen and carpenters. He started working with his dad at an early age and developed an interest in carpentry, renovation and landscaping. Wade graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering. He also earned his certification in residential construction.

On HGTV, Wade is the master carpenter and contractor on “Curb Appeal: The Block.” He shows the best processes and tools for construction, exterior renovation and landscaping. Wade is also the carpenter on the popular HGTV show “Designed to Sell.” On the personal side, Chip Wade owns a construction and design firm named WadeBuilt LLC. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and son.

Spring and summer are the ideal seasons for giving front and backyards a total makeover. Below is a video featuring Chip Wade of HGTV with five tips for gardening bootcamp. From saving money to warding off weeds, Wade offers a variety of useful garden tips.

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