HGTV's New Gardening Tips for Small Spaces

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HGTV Small Space Gardening Tips

HGTV understands people in small spaces such as apartments and condos want to have their own beautiful plants. As a result, HGTV is offering incredible container gardening ideas that can fit into any available outdoor space.

Living in an apartment often means having limited outdoor living space. HGTV is helping apartment dwellers make the most of their outdoor areas with helpful tips for starting container gardens and more. Now people can make the most of a small space and put their green thumbs to the test.

Container Gardens Offer Unlimited Possibilities

A wide array of plants can be cultivated in planters, boxes and other types of containers. Fruits, vegetables, flowering plants and shrubs all thrive in container gardens. The planters can be moved to get sun and water. Dedicated gardeners often bring the containers indoors during the harshest weather conditions.

Having an outdoor container garden often involves a bit of creativity and ingenuity. For example, HGTV suggests urban dwellers think vertically. HGTV showed how designer Dan Faires re-purposed wood beams taken from a NYC building that was going to be demolished to create a privacy wall. He added shelves filled with potted plants for a green and fresh look right in the middle of the bustling city.

Making the Most of a Rooftop or Patio

Many city dwellers have a small balcony or ledge. More fortunate ones have access to their own patio or rooftop area. If the space gets at least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight daily, HGTV recommends planting dwarf, patio or mini roses in pots. These fragrant beauties bring a taste of outdoor luxury to any sunny area. Plants can also be added to the railings of a patio area to make it green and gorgeous. If you don't have much of a green thumb, succulents are an excellent choice to plant in sunny spaces and require less maintenance. HGTV also has suggestions for shady areas, such as adding a hydrangea.

If your space is limited to a window box, it can still be put to good use. Some people fill their window boxes with an array of colorful flowers. You can also plant strawberries to use in summer salads, yogurt or to make delicious desserts such as pies and pastries. Chilies are also great to plant on a windowsill and add spice to all your favorite dishes. Herbs smell wonderful and can be used for a variety of cooking purposes. If you are going for aesthetics, flowering vines add a dash of drama to your windowsills.

Creative Containers

Urban gardeners don't have to purchase generic or pricey planters to create a captivating container garden. Tin cans can be painted by your kids and filled with dwarf sunflowers. Galvanized containers look eye-catching when they are placed in groups and filled with plants. Tin cans with holes punched in the bottom make effective planters. Other suggestions for small spaces include hanging planters and raised garden beds.

For those who want to move their garden around, metal cans with casters and wheels help you get the job done with less time and effort. No matter what container and plants you choose, the right potting soil makes a big difference. HGTV offers additional tips about selecting the ideal potting soil. Even into the winter you can have greenery in your limited outdoor space with plants such a pansies, primrose and ornamental cabbage.

To learn more about how to create gorgeous gardens in a limited outdoor space, visit the HGTV website for an array of tips that are sure to make your outdoor areas stand out from the crowd.

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