HGTV Offers Tips For Reducing Clutter

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Clutter often seems to take over and HGTV is offering a few simple tips to help reduce clutter and minimize stress.

Some people use the phrase, "The more, the merrier." While that might be true, living with multiple people also means clutter tends to build up. When your home is cluttered, it can be difficult to find what you want. Clutter also adds stress to your life. HGTV recently offered a few savvy tips to reduce clutter to make your surroundings cleaner and less stressful.

Keep it Simple

Before going to bed, do a quick clean sweep of your home. Get rid of the trash accumulated in the garbage cans. Wipe down the kitchen counter tops and turn on the dishwasher or wash the dishes by hand. Fluff your pillows and tidy up a bit. When you wake up, your home looks and feels more inviting.

Get Organized

Keeping everything organized and within reach makes your home less cluttered. Cleaning supplies should be accessible so you can clean up in just a few minutes. Office supplies such as pens, papers and stationery should be kept in one place. Consider adding shelving to organize your environment.

Resist the Allure of Sales

A sale can be a great thing when a certain necessary item is available for a discount. But avoid the temptation of buying new kitchen gadgets and items you don't really need. Sales can tempt you to buy items you may not wind up using. The take up room in your home and add to the unwanted clutter over time.

School Days are Here Again

While the kids don't want to hear it, the back-to-school season is right around the corner. Setup an area where the kids can hang their backpacks and jackets. Once their homework is done, everything should be put in the backpacks so they learn how to be organized and well-prepared.

Visit the HGTV website to learn more about how to eliminate the clutter in your home. Getting rid of clutter reduces your stress and ensures your are ready for visitors anytime.

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