HGTV Offers Tips for Tackling Fall Garden Chores

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Fall Maple

While the sultry days of summer are now long gone, HGTV reminds fans it is important to tackle fall gardening chores before the chill of winter sets in.

While the spring and summer are over, HGTV reminds everyone fall gardening tasks continue. While you might not be planting seeds, there are a variety of tasks to tend to in the garden before the first snow of winter. HGTV offers an array of tips to keep your outdoor spaces looking as fantastic as your indoor ones.

Traveling Herbs

Nothing tastes better in a home-cooked meal than fresh herbs. Now is the time to transplant your herb garden from the planter boxes on your deck to smaller containers you can bring indoors. My favorite spot for an herb garden is my kitchen windowsill and bench. These places get plenty of sun and put the herbs right at my fingertips when I need them. It also feels great to have a thriving garden throughout all the seasons of the year.

Take a Test

While we might be preparing for the colder days of winter, thoughts still turn to planting seeds in the spring. Be well-prepared for next spring by having your soil tested now. This gives you plenty of time to deal with any deficiencies that may arise long before the warmer days of spring planting arrive. With spring gardening in mind, cut back plants that produce seeds now and harvest the seeds for the spring. Store them in paper envelopes and mark them so you remember what the seeds are from.

Harvest Some Decorations

The harvest season of fall is definitely time to celebrate. The last of your crops are coming in so you can make preserves and can your favorites to feast on all winter long. Put out colorful decorations that reflect the fall season such as scarecrows, wreaths will fall leaves, thick chrysanthemum plants and plenty of orange pumpkins. Display the pumpkins on flat rocks so they don't touch the ground and you can use them to make pumpkin seeds, pumpkin puree and more.

Visit HGTV Gardens for more fabulous fall tips to tackle your gardens and get them ready for next year. Get all your gardening done while the weather is still pleasant so you can reap the benefits of your fall harvest during the winter.

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