HGTV Offers Ways to Give Fall Gardens a Head Start in August

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HGTV editors and contributors offered wealth of great tips to help transition your summer garden into fall. Doing some basic tasks in August can keep your gardens looking beautiful right into the chillier fall months ahead.

HGTV knows outdoor living spaces are just as important as indoors ones. Gardening enthusiasts are sure to learn a few new tips from HGTV editors and contributors about transitioning their summer gardens into the fall. Take care of business in August and you're sure to have a fantastic fall garden. Here are just a few ways to make it happen.

Start Gathering Fruit

Fruit trees are a wonderful thing to have. Fresh fruit is delicious right from the tree or cooked in your favorite dessert. As the fruit falls to the ground, make sure to gather it up now. This makes the most of your harvest and keeps pests away from the rest of your gardens. It also helps to prevent diseases.

Go Dry Up

Many people grow certain herbs and flowers to dry them. They make affordable and memorable holiday gifts for all the special people in your life. August is the time to harvest the flowers and herbs you want to dry out to use for gifting or simply keeping your home pretty during the winter months.

Get Rid of Old Stuff

Leaving old stuff in your garden doesn't make room for the new. It's time to get rid of bean plants and summer squash that are done for the season. Keep your gardens clean and weeded for the best results. If your tomatoes are done and show signs of late blight, pull them up and don't put them in your compost pile - discard them. You can compost your summer veggie plants if they are done producing. It is good time time to start making preserves, pickles and more. They also make great holiday gifts.

Gardening enthusiasts can visit the HGTV website to get dozens of additional tips to help transition summer gardens into the fall. The work you do in August could make your gardens grow into September and October.

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