HGTV Premieres The White Room Challenge Series Spin Off From HGTV Design Star (Video)

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HGTV will premiere “The White Room Challenge” on April 24, a sensational spin off series from one of the top episodes of HGTV “Design Star" hosted by David Bromstad.

On Tuesday, April 24, HGTV will premiere “The White Room Challenge,” an exciting series derived from everyone's favorite episode of HGTV “Design Star.”

About The White Room Challenge

“The White Room Challenge” comes from a favorite episode of HGTV “Design Star.” The new series will premiere in HGTV on Tuesday, April 24, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Some of the most successful artists and designers will be competing for a $10,000 grand prize. The challenge is to design 10' by 10' white rooms using outrageous elements. Some of the design essentials will include over 1,500 flowers, candy treats or treasures from dumpster diving.

The host of “The White Room Challenge is David Bromstad, an HGTV “Design Star” champion and "Color Splash" star. Viewers can expect to see a variety of creative designs on the new series including upholstery made of flower petals and wallpaper contructed of pixie sticks and lollipops.

The expert judging panel will include Jamie Durie of HGTV as well as a rotating panel of guest judges. Some of the expected judges include Meg Caswell, the HGTV “Design Star” season six winner and veteran television designer Thom Filicia as well as Dina Manzo of "Dina's Party" and Chris Lambton of "Going Yard."

The contestants will have the help of a carpenter. However, when it all ends they have to impress the expert judging panel with how they transform a 10' by 10' white room.

Bromstad wowed viewers when he worked with a white room and made it into a stellar living space by using items puchased from a pet store. He made this amazing transformation during the first season of HGTV “Design Star.” He will be a judge and mentor for the group of designers competing on “The White Room Challenge.”

Even seven years later, Bromstad remembers the pressure cooker of being in a white room challenge. He said it was a fun way to show off individual creativity and unique design perspective. He admitted they had to tap into their ingenuity, time and budget management abilities.

In a press release, Bromstad said, “It was incredibly stressful, but people love the idea of transforming a blank canvas into something remarkable, so I know they will love the competition and the designs showcased in 'The White Room Challenge.'”

The HGTV Facebook page just announced "The White Room Challenge", stating “New Show Alert... It's everyone's favorite episode of HGTV Design Star, and now The White Room Challenge is a series all its own. And who else would we get to host it? David Bromstad, of course. Coming to HGTV April 24 9/8c!”

More About HGTV Design Star and David Bromstad

HGTV “Design Star” is a top-rated reality competition. The show recently returned to HGTV for a sixth season. The one-hour season features 12 competitive finalists showing off their most dynamic designs. There is also a judging panel of esteemed HGTV interior designers including Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder and Candice Olson.

The show also has celebrity guests. Finalists on “Design Star”include artists, professional interior designers, stylists and contractors. They are required to get through innovative design challenges and show the judges their creative genius until one wins their own television show on HGTV.

During season one of HGTV “Design Star,” David Bromstad was the winner. His approach is blending styles that incorporate realism and fantasy. Bromstad started his career as a design student at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida.

Now Bromstad will host the new HGTV series, “The White Room Challenge.” He also appears in the new HGTV series “HGTV'd” in which a different HGTV star travels across the country in an 18-wheeler to surprise fans with stunning room designs.

Bromstad is known for his never-ending energy and thinking outside the box. He works on a variety of platforms including interior design, custom art and furniture building. Bromstad also loves the combination of practical advice and color, as shown in his weekly series “Color Splash.”

In HGTV “Color Splash,” tired rooms are transformed into vibrant places. With a Miami-based team, Bramstad creates unique designs that use lots of color. Teamwork, passion and a dash of humor bring it all together.

Below is a video of David Bramstad's transformation when he won “Design Star.” It is easy to see why he is a natural choice to host the upcoming series, “The White Room Challenge.”

HGTV is known for an array of exciting home and design shows, as well as their new HGTV Magazine offering fantastic tips with colorful photos. Fans also flock to the HGTV website to find out more about the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway and the upcoming HGTV Green Home 2012 Giveaway. On April 24, HGTV will also become known for its new series, “The White Room Challenge.”

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
where are these types of rooms supposed to used? I liked Matthews the best. I would never pile flowers like clarissas. Davids was the best at least you guys saw that!nn

Submitted by sonya hill (not verified) on
i agree w/ you, david's was the best...and those flowers that one girl did was a hot mess..all over the place..

Submitted by sonya hill (not verified) on
i agree w/ you, david's was the best...and those flowers that one girl did was a hot mess..all over the place..

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I'm sorry. Out of all those rooms, the ONLY one that I would want to sit in, was Matthews. It actually looked like a room you COULD sit in. The final two, looked like they just shoved flowers anywhere they could. Carisa looked like she just swept all the leftovers, under her table. I KNEW with David being a judge, the one with the least color would NOT win. GROSS. I guess I won't watch this show again.

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