HGTV Property Brothers Buying and Selling For Back To School

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This week the premiere of HGTV Property Brothers Buying and Selling aired with the twins helping a family find the perfect home in the right district before the school year starts.

HGTV “Property Brothers,” Drew and Jonathan, are known for their ability to find fixer-upper homes and transform them into dream houses. This week the dynamic duo took it up a notch with the premiere of HGTV “Buying and Selling.” They help a couple fix their home, sell it and find a fantastic new house in the school district of their choice.

Fixing The Old House To Sell It

This week on the premiere episode of HGTV “Buying and Selling” the Property Brothers worked with a couple named Paul and Terri. Their sons Connor and Hunter were accepted to a prestigious school in a terrific district. The one big catch is their parents must sell their current home and move before the school year starts or the boys lose their hard-earned spots. Paul and Terri are willing to relocate but their home has been on the market for three months with no buyers.

The HGTV Property Brothers whisk in to help. Jonathan has some great ideas to makeover the house and make it more appealing to buyers. Terri finds his assessment rather harsh as he criticizes the appearance of the painting and fireplace mantel she did. The kitchen fixture is very 1990s and has to go. In the boys' bedrooms there are signs of amateur painting, such as paint on the light switch plate. Near the office space, there is water behind the drywall that indicate water damage. Plus, the game room is an open space that just doesn't grab attention.

Jonathan comes up with a redesign plan for just $9,000. Paul is very concerned about money and Terri is worried about the colors and designs. Jonathan reminds Paul he has to stage the house to sell it as there were no buyers yet. He also lets Terri know the redesign is to attract buyers, not appeal to the homeowners who plan to move. Ultimately, he gets them to see the sense in updating the kitchen to include granite counters, stainless steel appliances and a backsplash. The game room is updated to let in more light. The biggest priority left was to find the source of the water behind the drywall.

It turned out the second floor water damage was caused by a repair Paul tried to do himself. The exhaust dryer was blowing lint into the furnace, which could have been a major fire hazard. Thankfully the house did not burn down yet and the repair was inexpensive. Jonathan let them know if the repair had not been done, the house would not have passed inspection because of the dangerous condition. Now they couple just needs to see if their home will sell as they purchase a home in the right school district.

Searching For A Back To School Home

To ensure their sons get the best educational opportunities, Paul and Terri are searching for a home in the right district before back to school time starts. Time is tight and Drew has to find an amazing house for the right price to please this couple. One of his greatest challenges along the way is to get the couple to agree. Viewers wonder if it will be possible.

The couple checks out three potential homes. The first home is listed at $339,000 and Paul does not like the layout. It also has a small yard with mismatched appliances in the kitchen. However, seeing the appliances makes the couple realize they need to update their own to sell their house. The first home does have a large master bedroom with a master bath and walk-in closet. The living room has the vaulted ceiling they prefer. Additionally, the price might be negotiable.

The second home is listed at $350,000 and has 4 bedrooms and 4 baths. Terri doesn't like the dark counters in the kitchen or the yard. There is also no door on the game room. They couple does love the staircase and master bedroom. There are also Jack and Jill bedrooms for the boys with an adjourning bathroom of their own. The third home seems to have everything Terri and Paul want including an enclosed game room, two-car garage and huge kitchen with granite counters. The major issue is the price of $375,000 on their budget of $350,000.

Drew lets Terri and Paul know the seller of the third house is desperate to sell and move out of the country. After some deliberation, they decide to go over their budget and offer $360,000 for the home. Drew reminds them the price will add just $60 to $70 to their monthly mortgage. Will they get able to get into the school district in time and sell their own home? The heat is on but the HGTV Property Brothers know how to deliver on "Buying and Selling."

Getting Out and Moving In

Time is of the essence so the boys can take advantage of being accepted to a wonderful school. Drew suggests offering a quick possession to help the seller out. Meanwhile, they finish the renovations at the old home and it looks impressive. An open house is held and plenty of potential buyers show serious interest.

The offer of $360,000 is accepted and the couple begins to realize they now have two mortgages. They are eager to sell their home and list it at $360,000. Because of the stellar renovations and number of possible buyers, they manage to sell their old home for $342,000. One Facebook fan comments about the HGTV Property Brothers on “Buying and Selling, “You are so pacifying to your clients. You are so good at what you do. You both compliment each other. I love to watch your show. I live in a before the renovation home, so I dream about how it would feel if it were my home you were transforming.”

HGTV Property Brothers “Buying and Selling” airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Why don't you show the renovation of the rest of the house, i.e., bathroom, bedrooms, etc. The kitchen, living, and dining areas aren't the only rooms the family will be living in. Surely they don't move into the house with them the way they are first seen before they choose the house.

Submitted by I¥hgtv (not verified) on
I loved watching this episode (the property brothers are great!). I'm wondering if Paul and Terri were a real pitb b/c they looked so stressed all of the time and generally disagreeable. Glad to see the happy ending and I hope the couple learned to follow advice of pros...DIY and cheap deco--not worth it sometimes.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Where was this episode taken? Beautiful homes for an inexpensive price.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
My dad and I were wondering the same thing...these homes would be million dollar homes in Ontario..

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
no response yet?... Im dieing to know where it is. Tell us property brothers and i will buy two!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I hate to see y'all hanging on the edge of your seats ... the houses are just west of Austin, Texas

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