HGTV Property Brothers Take It Up A Notch On Buying and Selling

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Soon HGTV Property Brothers will go both ways in their upcoming new series Buying and Selling premiering at the end of August.

Fans watch “HGTV Property Brothers” to see Drew and Jonathan help home buyers choose the right fixer upper and transform it into a dream home. Now these popular brothers are going both ways for their fans. On “Buying and Selling,” they will help homeowners sell their homes and buy a new property.

HGTV Property Brothers “Buying and Selling”

Viewers love to watch the handsomest twins on television on “HGTV Property Brothers.” These talented brothers help people buy a fixer-upper and turn it into their ideal home. Now Drew and Jonathan Scott are taking it up a notch in their new HGTV series, “Buying and Selling.” The dynamic duo will help homeowners sell their current residence and purchase a new property.

The show will feature Jonathan renovating the family's current house for a successful sale. Drew will review the best choices for the family's new home. Then Drew will oversee the selling of the updated new home and buying a new one. “Buying and Selling” is a new way to showcase the abilities of the “HGTV Property Brothers.” The series “Buying and Selling” premieres at on Wednesday, August 29 at 9:00 p.m. ET. It airs right after HGTV “Property Brothers” at 8:00 p.m. ET. Viewers who can't get enough of these talented twins will get a double dose starting on the last Wednesday of this month.

On the first episode of HGTV “Buying and Selling,” the brothers work with two quirky accountants who are caught between their new professional lives and their former student lifestyle. Robert and Marie are ready to move on but their home is holding them back. The confused rooms, floors with water damage and master bath turned into a storage space make the property impossible to sell. Jonathan comes up with a new floor plan to boost its value and faces a costly setback. Meanwhile, Drews them a rare home and they go for a short sale to score their dream abode.

HGTV “Property Brothers” Have Fun With An Extended Family

On this week's episode of HGTV “Property Brothers,” Drew and Jonathan helped a family get out of the tight apartment they shared and move into a large home. Cori and Soroosh have two young sons, Zaidan and Kasra. They embark on a journey to find the ideal house for their everyday family life and entertaining Soroosh's large Persian family. The couple is looking for a modern home with a budget of $390,000. Drew and Jonathan show them how they can turn an older, outdated place into a fantastic new residence that suits their needs. The couple sees two homes that both need renovation. The first home is referred to as the “cramped kitchen house” because of its small kitchen area. The second house is called the “greasy fly trap house” because it definitely needs to be cleaned out.

Drew and Jonathan present visual images of how the homes will look after renovation. Both can be fit into the couple's budget. They agreed it was a difficult decision but ultimately concluded the “cramped kitchen house” would deliver everything they wanted after the renovations. The couple is excited to purchase a home and turn it into their own house. Their excitement causes Jonathan more stress along the way than he bargained for. Soroosh suddenly decides he wants a home office. They couple presents changes along the way as Jonathan tries to let them know what is possible and impossible in the current situation. Ultimately, they get the dream home they always wanted and thank the brothers for making it happen.

Next week the HGTV “Property Brothers” get active in the city with a couple living in a duplex with their friends. Tony and Jeanette want their own place and prefer a move-in ready house. On a limited budget, Drew and Jonathan help the couple find a home with potential. Will the couple's second-guessing get in the way of transforming the space into their dream house?

On a personal note, Drew and Jonathan are still spending time in Europe after visiting The Magic Castle in California, spending time in Scotland and watching the Olympics. Now the brothers are in Paris and Jonathan tweets, “This place is incredibly inspiring for the creative mind.” Later he adds, “Last night in Paris. What can I say, this city has touched my soul. :).” Drew also tweeted about spending time at the Eiffel Tower. Drew mentioned their upcoming new show, tweeting, “And our new show is almost here! Buying and Selling begins on HGTV in the USA on August 29 at 9pm. Also Property Brothers as usual. :).”

Starting on Wednesday, August 29, viewers can start watching “Buying and Selling” after HGTV “Property Brothers.” It's two brothers, two shows and double the fun for fans. Who can resist all that?

HGTV Property Brothers airs on Wednesday, August 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET with the premiere of “Buying and Selling” on Wednesday, August 29 at 9:00 p.m. ET

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Submitted by merrylynn mozingo (not verified) on
My husband and I bought this house about 10 years ago and honestly it has been the "money pit". My husband has rennovated it as much as money would allow - we still need to remodel and tear out our basement and master bath plus add an in-law quarters if possible but between money and my husbands and my failing health - him with bad diabetes and me with heart problems we just can't finish. PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!

Submitted by Kerri Haffner (not verified) on
We are selling our home we bought in 2006 and have added many wonderful features and now because other people in the area have sold their homes for less, our comps have made our house worth less. We can afford to buy a $400k home and have no debt, but we also need to either get some money out of this house or wash. Help us make our home as wonderful as we see it. We love your shows and all the HGTV shows but we dont think you guys will ever be in our little town or area.

Submitted by Hometogo (not verified) on
We wish you were here to help us! My mother has stage 4 breast cancer and wanted to be near family (in Florida)before the end. I started making plans to help her get her home (In Oklahoma) together to sell and move but it's been so daunting. As a newly single mother of two I just didn't realize how much it takes to get a house in shape to sell and I cannot get her (and us) moved until I sell her current residence. I would appreciate any advice you can offer. Looking forward to your new show boys, my mother and I are huge fans!

Submitted by Lynn and Neil Cox (not verified) on
Hi guys! Need your help. I own 2 properties in Tulsa, ok. The property I reside in is on about an acre and overlooks the great sunsets and sunrises that Green Country has to offer. But, built in the 60is it needs HELP! The other property is my rental income. Built in the the 70's, avocado green and harvest gold is getting old, Even though color scheme is dated, layout provides rent every month. I need your help I will move, buy , sell just about anything. Your guidance is appreciated. Thank you from T-Town Lynn

Submitted by Shelly (not verified) on
I have lived in my house my whole life. My house is falling apart around me. My husband is disabled and have two kids and now my mother had become disabled. We're trying to find a new house with more room that we can get two wheelchairs through and room for my kids to have their own rooms and space. My mother and my husband need 24 hour care and I can't work because I have to take care of them. You guys are our last hope. Please come help us fix up our house so we could sell it and buy a new one.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
My husband and I have our home for sale. We bought it in 2005 and put about $20,000 into it. It was a dive when we first saw it. We have re-done the inside as much as we can, re-sided the house, put in new windows, put in central a/c. Houses in our area are selling for less, forcing us to lower our price. So far, no nibbles and it's been 2 1/2 months. We have our first child on the way and really need to get a bigger home. Please come to Wisconsin and help us!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
we live in cocoa beach florida and both my spouse and I can barely take care of our space anymore.

Submitted by BNInspired Cons... (not verified) on
Hey, guys...I think we comment-ors have initiated a new job for you two. The Property Brother's go mobile. Could work:). Are you down?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I much prefer the show "Property Brothers" to "Buying and Selling." As a viewer, I find it much more compelling to see transformations to a home about to be moved into as opposed to one about to be sold. I realize this new show provides each twin greater equality in terms of air time. However, I prefer seeing the "reveal" when homeowners are more invested, more passionate about each and every detail. Of course, this shouldn't come as a surprise. It's human nature to be more excited about one's future abode than a home left behind, complete with a for sale sign. In addition, design choices for the "rejected" home tend to be more generic because it needs to appeal to the greatest amount of buyers. Therefore, safe design choices are made--as opposed to highly personalized ones, such as the bathroom with pink-flocked wallpaper, a claw foot tub and a crystal chandelier. This scene was featured in an episode where a young woman purchased a bungalow, accompanied by her mother and sister. In closing, it is these touches that provide the heart and soul of "Property Brothers." I am much less enthusiastic about the basic premise of "Buying and Selling," even though this reflects a reality faced by many homeowners. For me, I much prefer the unexpected: pink-flocked wallpaper as opposed to suburban walls painted Navajo White. (Hey, you should hire me as a consultant.)


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