HGTV Spring Cleaning Tips from Kelly Edwards of Design on a Dime (VIDEO)

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HGTV spring cleaning tips include ideas from Kelly Edwards of “Design on a Dime.” HGTV offers a checklist, quick cleaning ideas and simple yard maintenance techniques to get past sprucing up and into spring decorating.

Recently Kelly Edwards of HGTV's “Design on a Dime” shared her spring cleaning tips to get fans motivated. The HGTV website also offers fast spring cleaning techniques, a checklist for success and how to keep the yard well-maintained so people can get past tidying up and into redecorating.

HGTV Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring break gives busy fans another opportunity to take time for spring cleaning. The HGTV spring cleaning checklist keeps people organized as they journey through the rooms to tidy up.

Windows get yucky after the long winter and need to be washed with the sills wiped down and the screen cleaned. Drapes should be removed and fluffed in a dryer with a damp towel for a few minutes. A damp cloth cleans those dusty blinds. In fact, the entire house need to be dusted including those shelves filled with decorations. Also sure to be dusty are baseboard, areas above cabinets and ceiling fans.

Smelly trash cans need to be washed out and sprayed with disinfectant. Carpets and floors should be deep cleaned or professionally cleaned, especially under furniture. Upholstered furniture should be cleaned and pillows vacuumed. Deal with the grout between tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.

As the weather gets warm, air conditioning might get turned on and the filters should be changed. Also search for drafts by windows and doors as well as places where water can get in to seal these areas.

The kitchen is a hot spot where the refrigerator should be cleaned out and the lime around the faucet removed. Make chrome shiny with a mix of half water and half rubbing alcohol. Clean the oven and microwave after all that winter and holiday cooking. Get rid of the expired food in your pantry.

If the faucets in the bathroom are covered with mildew or hard-water scale, soak them in vinegar. A vinyl shower curtain can be tossed in the washing machine with determine, a cup of white vinegar and some towels then air dried.

In the bedroom, change and launder bedding and remember to turn the mattress. Clean and store those winter sweaters then take out your spring and summer garb. Vacuum and clean out your closet and search for bugs. Step into your home office to get papers in order and store files from last year. Step outside your door to sweep the porch and wash outdoor furniture.

HGTV Spring Cleaning Shortcuts

There are easy ways to get through the HGTV spring cleaning checklist above. A few spring cleaning shortcuts and tips from HGTV get the job done faster.

Salt and soda water is the perfect combo for cleaning your refrigerator. The lime buildup around faucets and fixtures is removed with vinegar. It softens so it can be wiped away in about an hour.

Windows can be cleaned with soapy water and a rag or a windshield squeegee from the local auto parts store. The screens from those dirty windows can be cleaned with a carpet scrap, which acts as a cleaning brush. Drapes can be fluffed for 15 minutes in the dryer with a wet towel to make them fresh.

The ceiling fan covered in dust is a breeze to clean using a coat of furniture polish. The extra is wiped off and used to buff the fan blades. If those winter pillows, blankets and comforters do not need cleaning, bring them outdoors and hang them on a clothesline to soak up the fresh air. Kelly Edwards of HGTV's “Design on a Dime” shares more spring cleaning shortcuts in the video below.

HGTV Spring Cleaning Tips for the Backyard

Now that people will be spending more time outdoors, HGTV offers spring cleaning tips for easily maintaining outdoor spaces. After being dormant or under snow during the winter, outdoor spaces need to be cleaned up and made beautiful.

Check the gutters, clean them out and divert water on the roof. Also check the plumbing inside and out. Look for spots on the roof that need repairing after the long winter before they get worse. Check the paint and fill in areas that are chipping.

Take care of lawn maintenance by raking and mowing. Cut away the overgrowth from shrubs, plants and trees. Change air filters and search around for pests and access points for pests that could also cause leaks. Close and seal these areas to avoid water seepage and unwanted critters. Wash lawn furniture according to instructions. Most lawn furniture cleans up well with water and dish detergent.

HGTV spring cleaning tips for inside and outdoors are quick and help keep everything beautiful. Once the house and yard are clean, people are ready to redecorate for the spring and summer seasons.

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