HGTV Star Sabrina Soto of The High Low Project Offers Tips From Her NYC Home [VIDEO]

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HGTV star Sabrina Soto of “The High/Low Project” offered personal organizational tips from her NYC apartment. Fans also look forward to an all-new episode of “The High/Low Project” on Saturday at 9:30 pm ET.

Sabrina Soto of HGTV's “The High/Low Project” recently offered fashion-savvy organizational tips from her NYC home. On Saturday night, an all-new episode of “The High/Low Project” airs on HGTV.

Sabrina Soto Gets Organized in NYC

With the high price of real estate in mind, NYC apartments notoriously offer less space than most other homes. The HGTV Facebook page posted a video of “The High/Low Project” host, Sabrina Soto, offering her personal organizational tips.

Soto took fans into her NYC apartment to review how she keeps her closet functional at home and on the road. She expressed how her dressing room turned into a small closet when she moved to the Big Apple. Shelving was installed in the closet to maximize the space.

Soto recommended “huggable” hangers because they are thinner and covered in velvet so clothes will not slip off. The thinner hangers make it possible to fit more clothes in less space. Soto also uses a dressing board showing various outfit combinations. The dressing board helps this busy HGTV host to find the right outfit in moments.

With regard to storing matching accessories, Soto keeps her rings on a simple peg board attached to the wall of her closet. Earrings, necklaces and hats are also hung on the wall.

When Soto goes on the road, she punches a hole in a plastic bag to hang on the hanger with her outfit. She also hangs shoes on a bag on the same hanger to have a complete ensemble ready on command. Below is a video of Sabrina Soto offering an array of useful organizational tips from her NYC digs.

HGTV “The High/Low Project” on Saturday Night

On Saturday, May 19, a new episode of “The High/Low Project” airs on HGTV at 9:30 pm ET. On “The High Low Project,” Soto makes design dreams a reality. People imagine their dream room, from a romantic boudoir to a luxurious living area, and budget is no issue.

Designer Sabrina Soto reveals their dream room then the fun really starts. Soto mimics the look at a price that fits into the couple's budget. Soto and her team create high-value replacements to make it happen. At the end, the final room and what it cost are revealed.

On Saturday, HGTV's “The High/Low Project” covers an enclosed porch makeover. Entrances are supposed to set a tone for the rest of the home. However, that was not the case for Karen and Gregg Betheil. Soto helps them turn their enclosed porch into an amazing entrance area. She creates a space the entire family can use and makes it an extension of their home.

More About HGTV Host Sabrina Soto

HGTV host of “The High/Low Project” Sabrina Soto is a popular interior designer, entrepreneur and consultant. Soto also appeared as a featured designer on “HGTV'd.” Sabrina Soto has appeared on multiple HGTV shows including, “White House Christmas,” “HGTV Green Home,” “Get It Sold,” “HGTV Showdown,” and “Real Estate Intervention.”

Soto was the first person in her Cuban family to be born in the United States. Soto learned about home décor from her mom, who ran a home staging and decorating business. It gave her a love for design and now Soto is renowned for mixing posh and affordable pieces to create an eclectic home environment.

Besides all her work on HGTV, Sabrina Soto has been featured in publications such as Time magazine, LA Daily News, Esquire, Latina, USA Today, People En Espanol and Washington Post. Soto is one of only 6,900 LEED accredited interior designers worldwide. LEED refers to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a green building certification system.

Soto is also a licensed real estate agent and a home style expert for Target. Besides organizing her NYC apartment and taping HGTV shows, Soto has a second passion of cooking for friends and family.

According to her website, Soto appeared on ABC's “The Revolution" today. She is also the author of the new book, Sabrina Soto Home Design: A Layer-by-Layer Approach to Turning Your Ideas into the Home of Your Dreams.

In her book, Soto helps people realize their design visions one step at a time. Often people do not know how to transform the colors and textures they see in their minds into an actual home setting. Soto shares the process of design, starting with an honest evaluation of the space and who lives there. She helps people address how the room will be used and their personal preferences.

Soto shows people how to tackle each layer of decorating to develop a fantastic home design. The book include tips and shortcuts for saving time, money and effort while attaining superior style. It also includes many of the idea Soto shares in HGTV shows such as “The High/Low Project” airing on Saturday night.

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