HGTV Kitchen Cousins Offer Kitchen Design Tips Transforming Rooms

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HGTV stars such as the Kitchen Cousins and Meg Caswell offer kitchen design tips to transform this essential room into a beautiful and functional place.

The HGTV stars gathered to offer their best kitchen design tips for HGTV Magazine. From cabinets to lighting, they have amazing ideas to transform this room into an attractive and operational space. Design leaders such as the Kitchen Cousins, Meg Caswell and Casey Noble shared their wisdom to help fans beautify their own kitchens.

HGTV Star Sarah Richard of “Sarah's House” Offers Kitchen Tips

Sarah Richardson, host and designer on HGTV's “Sarah's House,” has lead her own design firm for over a decade. She has worked on a variety of residential and commercial projects. Sarah was named one of Canada's leading style-makers by Canadian House & Home Magazine. On the weekends, Sarah shared a solar-powered cottage with her husband and daughters.

Sarah offered a few great tips for updating kitchens on a budget. She feels not every kitchen redo involves a gut job and stated, “Love what you have and make it look new!” For example, she updated drab wood cabinets with paint and gave the room a retro diner vibe. Sarah also advises people to know their financial and functional limits. An example is when she replaced an existing linoleum floor with marbled-finish Marmoleum tiles. Changing to stone would have raised the height of the floor, creeping into the baseboard, and would have doubled the cost.

HGTV Star Meg Caswell of “Meg's Great Rooms” Shares Kitchen Ideas

“Design Star” Meg Caswell is the host of her own HGTV television show, “Meg's Great Rooms.” During the holidays, fans watched her decorate celebrity homes such as Dee Snider of Twisted Sister. After deciding she did not want to go to law school, Meg embarked on a career in design. She owns a home décor store and design firm in Chicago, her hometown.

Meg talked about counters in the kitchen and felt Carrera marble has an elegant look that goes with everything. She also feels the fact marble absorbs stains adds to its pretty patina. When it comes to custom cabinetry, she specializes it with rollout devices and dividers as well as backsplash organizers. With regard to colors, Meg said, “I like kitchens to have a sophisticated feel.” Colors such as rich gray with red are a great combination with a butcher-block island to calm down the vibrant palette.

HGTV “Kitchen Cousins” Share Their Wisdom

Many female fans speculate whether HGTV “Kitchen Cousins” or HGTV “Property Brothers” are more handsome and talented. It a tough call. Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri are the “Kitchen Cousins” and currently have a new HGTV show, “Cousins on Call.” Anthony and John are real-life cousins. In 2004, Anthony and his dad Alfonso co-founded Brunelleschi Construction. John worked for his uncle's company, Prismatic Development before devoting himself to Brunelleschi Construction. Anthony lives in Jersey City in New Jersey and John resides in Hoboken with his family.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, they tell clients to look for counter-depth refrigerators for a more custom look. They also added, “And anything Energy Star helps with the bills.” A go-for item for these cousins is recessed high-hats. They said they light up the kitchen but add a warm look. The HGTV Kitchen Cousins also advise fans to use black grout on a backsplash that never looks dirty, like white grout can.

Casey Noble of HGTV “Design on a Dime” Offers Kitchen Expertise

Casey Noble is the host of HGTV “Design on a Dime.” She started her career as a graphics artist in Washington, DC them moved to California to study interior design. She worked in the creative world of hospitality then founded her own design firm with two colleagues in 2009. Casey was also a former HGTV “Design Star.” She lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

According to Casey, “Some rooms should feel like calm retreats. But a kitchen is filled with life and energy, so you can make bold choices.” A great way to resuscitate original tile counter tops and backsplashes is adding a thick enamel coating, similar to a bathtub, for a consistent finish with any demo. She also feels black and white linoleum tiles are a cheap and classic flooring choice for all types of kitchens.

The spring is a perfect time to assess your kitchen. Few people can afford the amazing kitchen in the HGTV Dream Home 2013, but you can revamp what you have. Another great idea is to start a kitchen garden so you have fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs to add to your recipes.

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