HGTV Suggestions for Using Candles Outdoors

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HGTV is offering some sensational ways to incorporate candles into outdoor living spaces. Candles add luxurious ambiance to your indoor and outdoor areas.

Candles add light and luxury to any living space. HGTV is offering some terrific tips for using candles outdoors. As the days get shorter, people still want to enjoy warm evenings. You don't have to get left in the dark when you add decorative candles to your outdoor living spaces.

Candle Lantern

One of the classic ways to add a candle to your outdoor living space is a candle lantern. Hang it from a tree branch to create a place for reading or simply soaking up the fresh air with a bit of added light. There are also candle lanterns that come with their own hanging post. Place a standing candle lantern next to a chair for a cozy feeling outside.

Floating Candles

Fill a bowl with water and add a couple of decorative candles to create a sensational centerpiece for your outdoor table. Some people also use floating candles in ponds or other outdoor water fixtures to make them look more dramatic. Floating candles are also fun to use in the bathtub when you come inside.

Illuminate the Night

Luminaries are a fantastic way to add a decorative touch to your outdoor areas and light them up for evening gatherings. Add groups of candles for an eye-catching look that is sure to make guest feel more comfortable. You can also do it for yourself to unwind and enjoy the dim lighting after a long day.

Take Candles into the Fall

Candles are the ultimate way to warm up outdoor spaces as the fall chill sets in. Put out a few candle lanterns and luminaries to keep your outdoor spaces alive for another month or two. Remember to create whimsical candle displays such as jack-o-lanterns in time for Halloween festivities.

Visit the HGTV website to get more great ideas for using candles outdoors. These suggestions go far beyond the citronella candles on the patio by our parents.

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