HGTV Tips for Adding Awesome Accessories

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HGTV is offering great tips for how to add accessories to your home for a personalized look. Accessories are a way to infuse unique personality into your house.

Accessories are a way to create a mood in any room. HGTV is offering terrific tips for how to display accessories to make your home look more beautiful. From a vase full of flowers to creating a color scheme, learn how accessories and their placement can revamp the appearance of your house.

Use Color

Choose a couple of your favorite colors and get accessories that match. An example is a vase full of flowers with a teacup or book that in a hue to complement the flowers. The combination of blue and beige can be nautical while green and white is refreshing. Experiment with combinations of two or three colors to find the right ones for you.

Mix Up Your Artwork

Adding artwork is a wonderful way to bring your personal taste into a room. However, art does not have to be at the center of your decorating scheme. Try an asymmetrical look by adding a vase filled with large flowers next to a grouping of your favorite artwork. Mixing it up adds greater interest to the space. Another way to mix it up is bringing various textures to your display of accessories. For example, combine wood with silk for a natural look.

The Layered Look

Consider layers for a more eye-catching look. Combine flowers in different sizes with tall and short candlesticks. Add a couple of small accessories for a layered look that is like nobody else's home. Another way to attract the eye is to use the same type of accessories, such as candles, in different heights.

These simple tips for displaying accessories can give your home a one-of-a-kind look everyone is sure to admire and remember. Check out the HGTV website for more ways to display your favorite accessories.

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