HGTV Tips for Creating a Beautiful Wall Mural

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For centuries, wall murals have been a way to decorate any space. HGTV is offering great tips to help you create a wall mural you can feel proud of.

A wall mural can bring the sunshine into a dark room or reflect your personal preferences in a unique way. HGTV is offering some excellent tips for creating a wall mural of your own. Dare to bring color and flair to one of the walls in your home by creating a one-of-a-kind wall mural.

Brighten Up Your Child's Room

As the kids head back to school, you can take time to surprise them with a wonderful wall mural. Younger children love to see images on the wall, especially if they are colorful and fun. Kids of all ages are sure to love an artistic wall mural to brighten up their rooms. Besides lightening up the look of their rooms, you can make them more functional. Recently HGTV offered tips for creating a homework hub to help your kids focus on schoolwork after the long summer vacation.

Luxurious Landscapes

You might not live near the beach but you can bring a waterfront vibe to any home with lovely wall mural. Paint the ocean, bay or a babbling brook surrounded by trees. If you prefer, you can paint a rolling green meadow or a mountain view with colorful treetops. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. If you can't move, bring the sensational scenery you love most right to your living room or dining room wall.

Light and Dimension

Keep in mind the other elements that might be in the room such as a desk, table or bed. Use dimensional color and shading to create realistic images. Using various hues of the same shade make the wall mural look more realistic. Keep in mind the light in the room as you design the wall mural to maximize your use of color, dimension and shading.

Captivating Clouds

While we might think of clouds as white, that would be too stark on a wall mural. In reality, clouds are various shades of white, gray, blue and lavender. Incorporate these various hues into your clouds to bring them to life.

Wall murals are an impressive way to bring art, scenery and color into any room. From your master bedroom to your den, a wall mural is sure to set the mood for any living space. Visit the HGTV website to learn more about how to create a fabulous wall mural in your home or office.

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