HGTV Tips for Creating a Kitchen Garden This Spring

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Spring is right around the corner and HGTV is helping fans get ready for it with tips on how to plan a classic kitchen garden filled with healthy vegetables as well as herbs and fruit.

Today HGTV reminded fans there is still time left for newbies to plant a productive vegetable garden. HGTV Gardens is offering useful ways to turn any space into a place to grow fresh produce. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is an affordable way to stay healthy and make recipes taste even better.

HGTV Reminds Fans to Start a Vegetable Garden Now

Often people purchase seeds to start vegetables at home. Those who miss that window of opportunity will spend more to buy seedlings later in the season. HGTV took to Facebook today to remind fans there is still plenty of time to start a vegetable garden. HGTV Gardens is featuring a few must-have tips to get you started. While you're in the kitchen, consider a few of the HGTV Kitchen Cousins ideas to revamp the room.

One Facebook fan commented, “Not a newbie...but I am running a little late this year. So I am planning to start some seeds this week.” In a few weeks, those seeds will turn into plants than can be used to start a thriving kitchen garden. Daylight savings time is just a few days away so there will be more sun as well as spring rain to help new plants grow. By harvest time, you will have plenty of fresh produce to add to your favorite recipes.

HGTV Garden Tips for Great Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs

Some people have limited space but still want to grow their own produce. HGTV Gardens offers some fantastic ways to make it happen at your house. Crops can be mixed into flower borders. Recently HGTV shared ideas for making a raised garden bed that can be done almost anywhere. Window boxes can be filled with vegetable plants. Make the most of space by training fruit to grow against walls. Put climbing vegetables and vines on a trellis. In a courtyard or on a patio, many crops can be planted in pots or hanging baskets. This is often referred to as a container garden. These pots can even be moved around to make the most of sunny areas during the day.

If you have a container garden, you can plant dwarf fruit trees and compact vegetables. Ornamental plants for a kitchen garden include chard, kale and cabbage. Hang plants by the back or front door in a basket. Choose colorful ones such as tomatoes or strawberries or fragrant herbs. You can even use an old colander to make your own hanging basket. Raised bed gardens are pretty and make the most of a small area. You can also control the soil to grow a variety of crops. Use netting or fabric to try to keep pests out of your garden.

For adventurous people who want productive pets, try raising chickens. Hens can be kept in a small fenced area. They make a lot of waste and are best in a confined space. You don't even need a rooster to get fresh eggs. Try a few creative growing ideas such as edible flowers. For example, sunflowers produce tasty seeds. Add pretty touches to an herb garden, such as a lavender border. Add arches or pergolas as well as a trellis to support crops such as zucchini. At the end of the season, you can harvest the zucchini to make a tasty bread. HGTV and HULIQ also offered some yummy suggestions for serving fresh spinach. The best produce this year may come from your own garden. It is a great way to get outdoor for exercise and eat healthy produce later in the season. Visit HGTV Gardens for more terrific ideas.

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