A hot Valentine's Day dinner with 8 aphrodisiacs

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Valentine's Day dinner is even more romantic when you have a magical meal featuring these 8 natural aphrodisiacs.

It takes more than scented candles and lingerie to set the mood on Valentine's Day. When you want to add romance to a stressful weekday, make the food matter. Include these 8 natural aphrodisiacs in your Valentine's Day dinner to boost your libido and made the atmosphere even hotter.

Hot Peppers Live Up to Their Name

Hot peppers definitely live up to their name and can be the ultimate Valentine's Day aphrodisiac. They are red, which visually puts you in the mood. They also increase the blood flow in your body to give your libido a healthy boost. Try an easy dish featuring hot peppers to wow that special someone. Grill chicken breast cutlets then simmer them in olive oil, oregano and hot peppers. Top off with a fresh mozzarella and met it in the oven for a couple of minutes. Add a side of pasta tossed with garlic, basil and olive oil with a glass of white wine. Vegans can eliminate the chicken and serve pasta tossed with hot peppers simmered in olive oil, oregano, basic and garlic.

Go For the Garlic

The garlic mentioned in the above recipe is also an aphrodisiac for your Valentine's Day dinner. It has a natural stimulant called allicin. The blow flow in your body increases along with the potential for arousal. If you're worried about your breath, Altoids are a powerful breath mint to serve after dinner. You might want to try Andes mint candies for a bit of chocolate as an added aphrodisiac. Besides, if you both have garlic, who will notice?

Bodacious Basil

Another element in our fast Valentine's day dinner is basil, which also acts as an aphrodisiac. It smells and tastes wonderful, which is a stimulant on its own. Adding sweet basil to your pasta along with garlic and hot peppers on your chicken is a power-packed menu that is sure to arouse the senses.

Every Meal Should Have a Vegetable

While we have the meat and side dish taken care of, every Valentine's Day dinner should also include a healthy vegetable. Since the 17th century, people have served asparagus to excite their partners. They are filled with vitamins and minerals, including folic acid that is believed to boost histamine production to help men and women reach a satisfying level of excitement. Add a side of steamed asparagus with the grilled chicken, pasta and wine.

Top It All Off With Chocolate

Valentine's Day chocolates are more than a tradition. Cocoa is also a proven aphrodisiac. Top off your decadent Valentine's Day dinner with chocolate. Try a chocolate fondue with strawberries you can feed to each other. A box of chocolate works wonders, too. Or you can try our sexy sundae for romantic success featuring chocolate, vanilla and bananas with a cup of chai tea and cinnamon.

Add Vivacious Vanilla

Often considered the opposite of chocolate, vanilla can also be a powerful aphrodisiac. The scent of vanilla is said to help people get in the mood for love. It is the ideal scent for those candles on the Valentine's day dinner table. Consider serving vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate fudge and sliced bananas. As an added aphrodisiac, top it all off with some sliced almonds.

Going Bananas

Your Valentine's Day dessert is also chock full of aphrodisiacs. Besides their suggestive shape, bananas also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals to make you feel energized. The bromeliad enzyme in bananas is believed to boost the libido of men.

Heat Up the Mood with Warm Spices

On a cold winter night, warm spices are a welcome way to heat up your body. They also work when it comes to heating up the air on Valentine's Day. Top off your rice pudding with a dash of cinnamon. Add coriandor or cardamom to your favorite dish and watch your partner get spicy. Serve some hot vanilla chai tea topped with cinnamon to accompany your Valentine's Day dinner and dessert filled with natural aphrodisiacs.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons (Steve Depolo)

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