How to Face Spring Cleaning with My Lowes, Hulu and Howcast (VIDEO)

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With spring around the corner on March 20, 2012, thoughts turn to spring cleaning. Lowe's home improvement retailer is offering a variety of how-to spring cleaning videos available on Hulu as part of their “Never Stop Improving” brand initiative along with the “MyLowes” website offering home improvement tips.

As spring looms around the corner, the season sheds light on the spring cleaning that needs to be done around the house. To help people with their spring cleaning efforts, Lowe's offers how-to videos available on Hulu and Howcast as part of their “Never Stop Improving” brand initiative. Additional home improvement suggestions are offered on the “My Lowes” website.

Lowe's Never Stop Improving Brand Initiative

Last fall Lowe's announced its new brand positioning, “Never Stop Improving.". With it arrived a new advertising, including the launch of MyLowes, an online tool to help customers manage their homes with an array of step-by-step home improvement projects.

According to senior vice president of marketing and advertising for Lowe's, Tom Lamb, the statement “Never Stop Improving” promises customers they will constantly be innovating and improving at Lowe's to satisfy their changing needs. The new campaign is a brand promise to bring ongoing innovations over the next several years such as the MyLowes website.

Spring cleaning and home improvements are a hot subject as the weather improves. Lamb states in a release, “Lowe's will provide solutions for everyday home improvement challenges, and we will lead them through the journey of home improvement – from inspiration and planning to execution and enjoyment.”

Lamb indicated the new “Never Stop Improving” brand strategy has been shown to make customers feel motivated, inspired, confident and energized. He said Lowe's goal is to become a trusted partner in home improvements through innovations such as MyLowes. Their previous campaign slogan was “Let's Build Something Together.”

Lowe's has over 1,700 home improvement stores throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. They are the second largest home improvement retailer in the world serving about 15 million customers.

MyLowes Website

The MyLowes website offers an array of instructional articles with ideas and how-tos. Every room in the house is addressed along with photos and step-by-step instructions.

For example, general projects include important basics such as how to replace a faucet. Materials and instructions are provided as well as information about how to remove the old faucet. This basic info is helpful for many home improvement beginners and new homeowners trying to save money.

There are also home ideas such as how to create a bathroom oasis. These projects include instructions for a variety of smaller projects such as installing a pedestal sink and installing sheet vinyl flooring. There is also a section for homeowners to shop this room and compare and save. Shoppers can shop, click and pickup the necessary items in about 20 minutes.

Spring Cleaning Videos and How-To's

Lowe's also offers some basic spring cleaning videos on Howcast and Hulu. It is free to watch these helpful videos and get direction about cleaning up after the winter season. Hulu has a series of Lowe's videos dedicated to spring cleaning.

Visitors learn how to setup a spring cleaning framework, how to clean and sanitize the kitchen and more. The videos are short, informative and get people going in the right direction. Often it takes a bit of motivation to start spring cleaning after the lazy winter. Many of the videos take less than five minutes to watch and the viewer gets a complete overview of how the job is done.

The video below about how to setup a spring cleaning framework also expresses one of the leading reasons people do spring cleaning is to get rid of clutter. Certain clutter that is still useful can be donated to help others while getting rid of unneeded stuff around the house, garage and yard. This creates more open space and there are less items to clean.

The Milwaukee Journal offers five top spring cleaning tips to get people started. Simple tips include dusting to combat seasonal allergies, letting in light by cleaning the inside of windows, adding a touch of fresh paint where needed, washing winter blankets that might still be holding cold germs and packing away those sweaters and wooly hats to prepare for the warmer spring and summer seasons.

The Martha Stewart website has a master checklist for spring cleaning that can be tailored to suit any home. It reminds spring cleaners of everything from shampooing rugs to washing window treatments. Homeowners can use the master checklist to create a list of questions and how-to problems then access online resources such as MyLowes, Hulu and Martha Stewart to find answers.

With tools from Lowe's and a master checklist in hand, people are prepared to face the inevitability of spring cleaning so they can enjoy the great weather without guilt.

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