How HGTV Helped Us Make Life Changing Decisions

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Watching HGTV became more than a favorite pastime for our family. We learned how to find the home of our dreams.

When we purchased our first home, HGTV was still a fledgling television station. We didn't really watch it often as we were busy planning a wedding, having children and saving money. Once we were settled, HGTV became our favorite television station. After a few years, we discovered our goals and preferences had changed. HGTV helped us determine what our dream home was really about.

Love It or List It

We built over a decade of wonderful memories in our first home. But it was a fixer upper when we purchased it and we eventually discovered the cost of renovations would exceed our budget. We bought the largest house we could afford on a big piece of property. While it was great for young kids, it started to become overwhelming for us to maintain. When my husband survived a serious bout with cancer, we decided to re-evaluate our living conditions.

HGTV Love it or List It helped us decide to list our home. It was a big decision and we mulled it over for months. When we realized the cost to do essential updates, it seemed wiser to sell the house then to keep it. We took the plunge after watching countless episodes of Love it or List It. Listing it would be the way to go for us.

House Hunters

Who can resist the allure of watching HGTV House Hunters? I think our family is addicted to this show. Whether you buy or rent and whatever your budget, there is an episode for you. Watching HGTV House Hunters shows how people make a decision about where to live. It gives you an opportunity to tour a variety of homes without leaving the comfort of your living room. How else can you view homes from California to New York without traveling for hours?

After seeing hundreds of episodes of HGTV House Hunters, we knew exactly what we wanted. We decided to create a checklist with must-have features, desirable amenities and our bottom-line budget. After touring the good, bad and ugly, we finally found exactly what we were looking for. Of course we saw a lot more than three houses but the concept was the basically the same.

Property Brothers

Our first home was a handyman's special and we were reluctant to move into another house that required renovations. The HGTV Property Brothers present a compelling case for buying a fixer upper and making it your own. After watching these talented brothers transform homes, we were able to discern what would be possible and what would be impossible for us to do.

We chose a home that requires minor repairs. Some of the renovation work was already done and it all fit into our personal preferences. But selecting a house that needs some updates has been a budget-conscious choice for us.

Beachfront Bargain Hunt

When your first date involves fishing, you know you're both water enthusiasts. My husband and I always loved boating and going to the beach. We would walk on the beach throughout all four seasons of the year. Living near the water was always a dream for both of us but we thought it was out of reach.

Watching HGTV Beachfront Bargain Hunt let us know there are really great deals on the water. It became a priority for us to find a home that put us right where we always wanted to be. While the search was challenging, we landed in a waterfront home that won't break our budget.

Being an HGTV fan has helped us learn more about buying, selling and renovating homes. Even though we are finally settled in our cozy house, we remain avid HGTV watchers. Despite that fact, I am still not a fan of granite countertops or stainless steel appliances and wonder when that trend might end.

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