How HGTV Uses 1 Can of Paint to Create 50 Different Looks

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When you're on a budget but want to make some major changes, HGTV offers 50 ideas that requires just 1 can of paint and a dash of creativity.

Often people put off home renovation projects because they fear the cost. HGTV is offering 50 ways to use 1 can of paint to make a difference in your surroundings. A little paint certainly can go a long way.

Let Your Inner Artist Run Wild

Are your white walls starting to get boring and mundane? Grab a can of paint in a bold color and dare to let your imagination run wild. Choose a color that matches the accents in the room or go for one-of-a-kind appeal with a unique hue. Paint a shape on the wall that resembles contemporary art without the high price tag. Do you really want to get adventurous? Paint stripes on that plain white staircase to make your stairs pop.

Update Those Vintage Finds

HGTV recently offered ideas on how to add vintage flea market finds to your bedroom for a whole new look. If your flea market goodies need a little extra something, grab that can of paint and make them look fantastic. For example, a dresser can be revamped by taking out the drawers and painting the top, sides and hardware with a single color. Let the paint dry completely and then put the cleaned up drawers back into the dresser. The contrast is sure to be eye-catching.

Get Past the Brass

Many homes still have outdated brass chandeliers. If yours is one of them, HGTV offers a quick and easy fix. Simply paint the brass chandelier to match the rest of the room. You can use a basic color such as white if you plan to redecorate the room and are unsure of what color will work. A basic coat of paint is a fast way to get past the brassiness of your lighting fixture and give it a fresh feeling. Want another way to eradicate brass accent in your home? Paint those candle-holders for a colorful touch.

Visit the HGTV website to find dozens of other ways to use paint to make your home look better. Who knew a single can of paint could go such a long way? Do you have other ideas for using paint? Share them with us below!

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