Joy Cools Off and Melanie Heats Up on Hot in Cleveland

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This week on TV Land's Hot in Cleveland Joy's love life cools off while Melanie's relationships at work get heated and Elka faces the police.

Last week on TV Land's “Hot in Cleveland” Joy met a fantastic fireman at the veterinarian's office. They decided to go to dinner on Saturday night and Joy thought she had met Mr. Right. This week viewers discover the real truth about the handsome fireman and Melanie's boss finds out the real truth about her ex-husband.

Joy Dates a Fireman

Fans were happy for Joy last week when she scored a date with an attractive fireman. Fans felt sure she might have found someone special after all her dating foibles and failures. After their initial dinner, Joy found out he was a science fiction fan. She sat through a seven-hour movie marathon then found out he wanted to take her to a sci-fi fair. Melanie's job was promoting Fantasy Con, so they all planned to attend together.

The good-looking fireman let Joy know she had to appear in a costume. He planned to be a prince so she dressed accordingly. Joy wore a pretty pink princess dress and still felt like she might have met her perfect Prince Charming. The fireman turned up wearing a horse's head and Joy questioned his costume. He let her know he was Prince Silversaddle from “My Little Pony” and Joy instantly became alarmed. It seems her masculine fireman lead a group of “Bronies.” These men were fans of “My Little Pony” and the positive values it shared with society. Joy was just not sure if she could date a man who was a major fan of a kiddie show meant for little girls.

Out on the Ledge

Melanie's boss Chloe still won't give up on her ex-husband Alec. Meanwhile, Melanie and Alec are keeping their desire to be together a secret from Chloe. The potential couple still had not kissed so they felt there was no need to say anything. Melanie suggests Alec get Chloe a cat to keep her company so they can finally be together. Alec gives Chloe a cat but she thinks that makes them a family again. The cat is destined to cause even more trouble.

Chloe is a beautiful character and Alec is a super hero for Fantasy Con but she makes Melanie be a gargoyle. Melanie gets hot in the costume and opens a window in the office, not knowing the cat is also in the room. The cat goes out on the window ledge and Chloe sends Melanie out to get her new furry friend. Chloe joins Melanie on the ledge when she feels the job is not getting done fast enough. Then Chloe realizes she is afraid of heights and the two are stuck outside as the cat goes back in.

Alec wrongly believes they are on the ledge because Melanie revealed their feelings for each other. He figuratively lets the cat out of the bag and Chloe questions why she should not push Melanie off the ledge. She also lets Melanie know she is fired. Alec tries to no avail to help Chloe get off the ledge.

A Save and a Beauty

Joy and her fireman arrive to join Melanie and her work crew at Fantasy Con. Joy had already let the fireman know she could not date a man who showed such interest in “My Little Pony.” The fireman effortlessly saved Chloe on the ledge and the two realized they were attracted. It seems Chloe has a new love interest to keep her from attacking Melanie and Alec. Melanie then describes her perfect first kiss to Alec and he recreates a romantic Paris moment right in her own backyard.

Meanwhile, Elka and Mamie get pulled over by the police after Elka gives her friend the sordid details of her days in prison. It seems Elka got around because she told the policeman to ask his grandmother about Elka. The two older ladies were let go and Mamie was amazed. Elka is sure to find adventure and intrigue wherever she goes.

Next week on TV Land's “Hot in Cleveland,” Joy's mother meets her new family members at Wilbur's christening. Joy makes her son Owen present to be someone else to avoid a conflict with her mom. Melanie becomes annoyed by Victoria constantly talking about Emmet. There is never a dull moment when Elka touches up a church fresco.

TAKE HOME MOMENT: Love is all around us but sometimes not where we expect it. It could turn up in the most inopportune places but we always have to be ready for the possibilities.

TV Land's “Hot in Cleveland” airs on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET

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