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Today on ABC's The Chew David Venable of QVC joins the crew in the kitchen and shares some tasty ideas along with viewer chosen recipes.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, ABC's “The Chew” is serving up some suggestions for those holiday leftovers. Author and QVC host David Venable will also appear on the show. The kitchen is sure to heatup with yummy recipes when this crew gets together and presents some viewer chosen recipes.

Viewer Chosen Recipes on “The Chew”

It's all about making viewers happy on ABC's “The Chew.” Over the weekend their website and Facebook page featured some fantastic ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers. For two weeks, the show presented an array of delicious recipes for the holiday. All those yummy leftovers are typically transformed into quick meals while people shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The show shared turkey tips, stuffing recipes and more to help everyone have the best possible Thanksgiving meal.

Today the crew will share some viewers chosen recipes. Viewers offered their suggestions and “The Chew” willingly received them. It will be interesting to see what fans want the crew to prepare. Suggestions might include traditional recipes, gluten-free ideas and more. It is a sure way to find out what fans really want. Last week, viewers discovered most people prefer side dishes over the turkey on Thanksgiving. Today's show is sure to bring more mouthwatering surprises.

It's all about "The Chewer's Choice" as the crew prepares and presents recipes and crafts from viewers. Clinton stated the show was of the people, for the people and by the people. Fans have their own fabulous recipes and crafts to share with America and "The Chew" is making it happen. The chosen viewers must be proud to have their ideas featured on television.

David Venable on “The Chew”

David Venable is a veteran of the QVC kitchen who started working with the network in 1993. Today David will join “The Chew” crew in their kitchen. He announced his appearance on his Facebook page and said, “Cannot wait to get there! Head on over to their Facebook page and let them know the Foodies will be there tomorrow!” One fan commented, “Can't wait to watch David on 'The Chew!'”

Getting these pros together is sure to be fantastic and fun. This talented team is sure to whip up some wonderful goodies in the kitchen. David is the host of QVC's “In the Kitchen with David.” The show airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET and Sundays at 12:00 p.m. ET on QVC. He is also a respected author and people turn to him for all types of kitchen advice.

On his show, David offers cooking demonstrations, prodducts, info and speaks to celebrity guests about food. He also encourages viewers to featson comfort foods in moderation and enjoy what they eat. David has a wealth of personal recipes, cooking tips and ways to succesfully entertain family and friends. He strives to make everyday people feel comfortable in the kitchen, much like “The Chew” crew. David also helps people shop for kitchen tools to save time and effort when preparing home-cooked cuisine.

After cooking up Thanksgiving dinner, everyone is looking for new ideas with the holidays right around the corner. David and “The Chew” crew are sure to make anyone feel more comfortable in the kitchen, even if they are just starting out. HULIQ will return witih more later.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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