The Kitchen Got Hot As The Taste Judges Chose a Winner

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During last night's grand finale episode of ABC's The Taste the heat was on since only one of the cooking competitors could emerge a winner.

Last night was the grand finale of ABC's “The Taste” and only one of the cooking competitors could win the coveted title. The four remaining cooks were Gregg, Khristianne, Diane and Sarah. Fans all had their favorites but Charlie Sheen seemed to predict the winner.

The Final Four on ABC's “The Taste”

Last night the final four competitors appeared before the judges on ABC's “The Taste.” A single blind spoonful would determine their fate. Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Brian Malarkey had to make a major decision. The guest chef Jose Andres was part of the process. He talked about tapas and it was the first competition of the night. Gregg Drusinsky felt he would have this one in the bag because of his cooking background in Barcelona.

However, he wound be being eliminated. One Facebook fan commented, “Gregg gets eliminated and says the truth - he would rather fail trying by himself instead of winning having his hand held. At least Gregg voiced his thoughts and seemed true to himself. Such BS while there was clearly favoritism and some weird crazy choices and eliminations the whole season. Loved the concept of the show and the idea around it but this execution and some of the people really ruined it for me. Not sure if I will watch it next season.”

Three Left and Only One Could Win on ABC's “The Taste”

Sarah Schiear, Diane DiMeo and Khristianne Uy were the last three left standing. Diane is a chef consultant, Khristianne is a personal chef and Sarah is a food blogger. Each one of these talented cooks had their own following of fans. Many liked Diane's confident style while others believed she was overconfident. Some were hoping the Sarah would win since she was an everyday person rather than a professional cook but then there were people who wondered if she had the experience to make it. Khristianne continued to come up with unique recipes that made the judges swoon but fans wondered if her dishes might be too unique to win.

Khristianne made a Peking duck confit, braised short rib with squash puree and seafood bouillabaise the judges simply could not resist. One Facebook fan was elated and said, “Khristianne is the winner!! Woo hoo just who we were hoping would win. Shes awesome! Loved her from the start. Love this show too by the way we never missed an episode.” Brian Malarkey was certainly proud of his team member. Many fans are eager to see another season of ABC's “The Taste.” Others would like to have an opportunity to compete on the show themselves. However, the rating might not dictate another season and only time will tell.

Did Charlie Sheen Know the Winner of ABC's “The Taste?”

How would Charlie Sheen know the winner of ABC's “The Taste?” Khristianne Uy, also known as “Chef K,” happens to be the personal chef to Charlie Sheen. Clearly he was confident about her abilities to impress people in the kitchen. Last night Sheen tweeted, “The fate of my personal Chef 'K' rests on the finale of 'The Taste' tonight on ABC..! Watch... and C. The Sheenius only works with #winners.” It seems he was right about working with winners.

Clearly Khristianne Uy was elated about her win. Chef K took to Facebook to say, “Thank you sooo much for all the love and support:) Winning!!!” She won “The Taste” trophy along with a whopping $100,000 and a 2013 Ford-C Hybrid. But will she be returning to Charlie Sheen's kitchen? Once again, only time will tell.

ABC's “The Taste” aired on Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET

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