Labor Day Party Ideas with HGTV Flair

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Labor Day weekend is here which often marks the unofficial end of summer as people day a much-needed day off work. HGTV is offering some sensational ways to make your Labor Day party even more fun.

When Labor Day weekend arrives, it is rather bittersweet. People enjoy a day off work but also bid an unofficial farewell to the sultry summer season. To keep your mind off the passing of summer, consider having a Labor Day party with some terrific tips from HGTV. There nothing like a great party to boost your mood!

Tell Everyone to Stick It

When you tell everyone to stick it, you actually want them to enjoy a few handheld bites. HGTV offers a few fabulous recipes on a stick. Also known as shish kabobs, putting food on a stick means you don't need to put out utensils. People can walk around, play volleyball and socialize while they nibble on food on a stick. From pound cake with fruit to chicken with vegetables, there are an array of foods that taste even better served on a stick. If some of the food you serve requires utensils, put them out in decorative terra cotta pots for a unique look.

Colorful Plates and Napkins

Whether your food is served on a stick or requires a fork to eat, you'll still need to put out plenty of plates and napkins. Use this opportunity to add a dash of color and whimsy to your party. Do you remember having a Disney birthday theme when you were a kid? You parents put out plates with images of your favorite cartoon character. Now you can do the same at your Labor Day weekend party. Put out plates with images of fish or lobsters. Use plates in bright hues to make everyone smile while they eat. Make the party scene even more colorful with polka dotted straws.

Get In Shape

Nothing makes it feel like a party more than using shapely accents. Instead of plain chip-and-dip bowl, use one shaped like a fish. Invest in ice cube trays with various shapes. This unusual ice cubes are sure to make your mixed drinks even more irresistible. Consider serving summery flavored cocktails made with summer-inspired flavors such as Smirnoff Sorbet Light White Peach. Create a refreshing punch using this type of light liquor with actual sorbet. Something about a punch bowl makes any venue feel more like a fun-loving party is going on. Revisit HGTV Memorial Day cocktail ideas to make sure all your guests feel spirited through Labor Day.

If you're planning a Labor Day weekend party, visit the HGTV website to get more wonderful ideas. The little things mean a lot when it comes to planning the perfect party. Are you having a party for Labor Day? If you can't invite us, at least share your party planning ideas below!

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