Learning about labels and love on The Carrie Diaries

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Last night on CW's The Carrie Diaries everyone learned a lesson about using labels and finding love in the eighties.

The eighties were a time of using labels as well as looking for love in the right and wrong places. Last night on CW's “The Carrie Diaries” the use of labels was explored along with their accuracy or inaccuracy. Everyone was looking for love but sometimes it didn't happen the way they expected it to. Either way, Carrie also continued her ongoing love affair with New York City as she started to find her own power.

Looking for Love on “The Carrie Diaries”

Last week Carrie discovered her dad did not want her to date her sexy new love interest Sebastian. When he discovered her at the pool with him after she was grounded, he was polite but clear about what he expected from his daughter. Despite Carrie's ongoing inquisitions, Tom refused to tell her why she could not see Sebastian. She delved into her dad's legal files and discovered Sebastian had an affair with a teacher at his previous school. When Sebastian found out she snooped into his file, he did not want to be with Carrie anymore. For the first time Carrie heard she was too complicated and talkative, which would be repeated again in “Sex and the City.” Carrie ultimately admitted her dad was right.

Meanwhile, Dorrit shoplifted a hamster and tried to hide him in the closet. Carrie agreed not to tell on her because she was still trying to see Sebastian. Instead of going to meet him, Carrie went to New York City with Larissa and The Mouse so she could meet Seth. Meanwhile, Dorrit lost the hamster and Maggie came over to share her woes with Carrie about breaking up with Walt. Dorrit and Maggie wound up bonding in Carrie's absence. Dad found the hamster and agreed to let Dorrit keep it. He took the family to get pet supplies and Carrie let him know her sister shoplifted the hamster. The fur started to fly.

The Mouse realized she did not have to be anything but herself to please Seth. The two left the provocative art exhibit Larissa brought the crew to see. Carrie was left with Larissa to see the allegedly artistic antics of Monica Penney. After airing her private parts in honor of feminine empowerment, she urged Carrie to do the same. Carrie declined and Larissa accused her of denying her power and excellence. Larissa foreshadowed a future “Sex and the City” moment when she said Carrie could be on a billboard or the side of a bus someday. Carrie said she did claim her own power by declining to do what someone else told her to. Larissa saw her point of view and agreed.

While Carrie was learning about female body parts in NYC, her dad hooked up with an old friend to visit a singles bar. After shopping for feminine essentials for Carrie and getting confused, her father was given assistance and a phone number from a passing women. For the second time, a woman gave her phone number at the singles bar. Tom's friend figured out the ladies were taken by his tale of widowhood and it was the ultimate pickup line. Tom said he was not saying it for that reason as he still missed his wife.

Learning About Labels on “The Carrie Diaries”

For those who lived through the eighties, labels were a big thing. From designer labels on jeans to labeling people as a certain type, everyone used them. Carrie noted people in school were dubbed “stoners” or a “class clown.” As she learned about love and New York City empowerment, Carrie also discovered more about labels. Maggie decided to become a “drama queen” now that she wasn't Walt's girlfriend anymore. The Mouse was happy Seth finally referred to her as his “girlfriend” after he admitted she was his first. After Sebastian broke up with her for finding out about his sordid past, Carrie dubbed him “contents under pressure, handle with care.”

Carrie also examined her own world and decided her father was a “man who loved his daughters the only way he knew how.” She felt her label was “heartbroken extra large.” Ultimately Carrie realized labels only matter if you let them stick. Fans can't wait to see more of the prequel to “Sex and the City” next week. Each week, “The Carrie Diaries” sheds a little more light on how this beloved fashionista's character developed.

TAKE HOME MOMENTS: Whether it is the eighties or today, people are always looking for love. From a stolen hamster to a singles bar, love can be found in the wrong places for some of the right reasons. Sometimes love is unexpected, such as Carrie's passion for New York City. Other times it is disappointing, such as the breakup between Walt and Maggie or Carrie and Sebastian. Trying to put a label on people or emotions is a lot different than the frivolous fun of designer labels on clothing. Labels can hurt people and hold them back. Everyone has a chance to change their perspective everyday.

CW's “The Carrie Diaries” airs on Mondays at 8:00 p.m.

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