Leaving Parents For a Love Nest on HGTV House Hunters

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On HGTV House Hunters it is time for a young couple to leave parents' home to buy their first house, but the transition is not an easy one.

Leaving the comforts of mothering seems to be difficult on a recent episode of HGTV House Hunters. TJ and Mary have been living at his parents' house where mom spoils him. Now they have a down payment and need to actually agree on a home in New Hampshire but this is easier said than done.

Breaking Ties with Mom on HGTV House Hunters

Often young couples have to depend on their parents for awhile before they can purchase a home. TJ and Mary have been living at his parents' house while they save money for their own love nest. The problem is TJ seems to enjoy being spoiled by his mom. She packs sandwiches and goodies for his lunch. His mother even does his laundry. While TJ is basking in the parental attention, Mary is not quite as pleased. She wants them to start their own life without input from his mother.

Finally the couple has saved enough money for a down payment to purchase their own home in Concord, New Hampshire. They have a budget of $200,000 and want a minimum of 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. They also need room to entertain their devoted families when they come to visit. Each has their own unique preferences and it is sure to be a challenge to find one home that meets them all. HGTV House Hunters has their work cut out for them.

Three Houses, One Choice

Now that TJ and Mary are ready to buy a house, they have to find the right one. The first house is way under budget, which originally seems to be a good thing. But the couple soon discovers the home is smaller than they thought and rather dated. Many aspects would need to be updated to suit their needs. This would also give them a chance to customize their home and save thousands of dollars. They are undecided if they want to save money and take on a project.

The second home is larger and has a picturesque desk with a huge backyard. The house is larger with an additional bedroom and detached garage. The rooms are spacious but the house definitely needs to be cleaned up and painted. Mary is surprised by the condition of the bathtub and pictures a lengthy clean-up project. However, the basement is appealing and would be an excellent space for TJ. The home is also listed under budget at $176,000.

The third home is clearly TJ's favorite. It reminds him of his grandparents' home in Portugal. It is the largest home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Mary does not like the unusual style of the rooms and design of the home while TJ finds it appealing. The basement is completely unfinished and Mary cannot imagine them moving in without doing quite a bit of work. The list price is $199,000, which puts the home at the high end of their budget. Will HGTV House Hunters be able to make either of them happy?

Finding a Love Nest on House Hunters

The couple is ready to choose their first home together. They review the options and clearly have some differences. Ultimately, they agree the initial home they viewed was too small and required repairs. It simply was not worth the smaller price tag since they had a budget of $200,000.

TJ and Mary had a difference of opinion about the second and third houses. He preferred the old world charm of the third house while she felt the second home was more practical. After a bit of banter, they decided to select the second house. It took weeks for them to clean the home but it finally started to feel like their own. The couple realized they had years to paint the house and revamp it to reflect their own style and preferences.

HGTV “House Hunters” airs on weekdays at 10:00 p.m. ET

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