Legos Robotics Help to Develop Future Scientists and Thinkers


Often science and faith go hand-in-hand as people think outside the box to find innovative ways to use the resources He gave us. Lego robotics are helping young people become creative thinkers and future scientists.

Sometimes an indifference seems to exist between people of faith and those who are focused on scientific developments. The bottom line is the desire to heal and serve others in a positive way. Consider 1 Peter 4:10, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace.”

Recently students at Will James Middle School in Billing participated in a Lego League competition practice for the actual event. The Lego robots were built to solve mission for the FIRST Lego League. FIRST stands for the words “for the inspiration and recognition of science and technology.”

According to KULR8, the kids participating are having fun, finding out more about robotics and learning about teamwork. The participants are also experiencing what it would be like to be a scientist or engineer trying to solve problems. The theme for this year is natural disasters.

One of the students noted the importance of technology to help make things better. One team created a foam pole to let firefighters know when it reaches a certain temperature than also sprays eco-friendly foam to help prevent wildfires. Another solution was related to texting and driving. These real problems can be addressed by these type of students who understand how to work together to create progressive solutions.

Robotics are being used to conduct surgery and the recovery time for many patients is significantly reduced. There are also several ways robotics are integrated into laboratory research including liquid handling and microplate handling. Lego Robotics are an excellent way to encourage children to explore solutions that can help to heal people and further discovery about certain problems. After all, we are all our brother's keeper.

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