Losing Love and Finding a Voice on The Carrie Diaries

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On CW's The Carrie Diaries fans of Sex and the City discover the early days of Carrie Bradshaw and what makes her the woman she is.

CW's “The Carrie Diaries” take fans back to 1984 when Carrie Bradshaw was a high school teen in Connecticut. She had just lost her mother to cancer and was left with a rebellious sister and tepid father wearing a generic suit. Fans discover how Carrie lost her heart to her first love, NYC, and what made her the woman she ultimately became in “Sex and the City.”

Loss of Innocence on “The Carrie Diaries”

CW's “The Carrie Diaries” takes the old theme about loss of innocence and makes it new in our eyes. Everyone is eager to see the early days of Carrie Bradshaw, the starring voice of “Sex and the City.” AnnaSophia Robb has the personality and looks to play a young Sarah Jessica Parker. We truly believe she is Carrie during the big hair, new wave days of the 1980s.

We discover Carrie lost her mother to cancer and how she felt when she returned to high school to face the pity of all her frenemies. She is clearly grieving her mother, especially when she faints in the arms of Sebastian when her father arrives at school. Poor little rich boy Sebastian is her love interest and she flashes back to the day her dad arrived at school to let her know her mom was in her final hours. This time dad is at school to help give Carrie a change of pace in light of the loss of her mom – an internship in NYC at a friend's law office.

Before she heads to Manhattan for her first day of work, we discover Carrie experienced her first kiss with Sebastian at the public pool when she was fifteen. Donna, the popular girl, and her “Jens” are in hot pursuit of Sebastian so Carrie wonders if she should even get in the game. She is encouraged by her friends and discovers they have both lost their virginity. One of them is going out with their fourth wheel, Walt, and Carrie realizes in this foursome she is the only virgin left. Mouse ultimately winds up disappointed when she realizes her college lover is never calling her again. We also learn Maggie is actually sleeping with an adult cop while Walt secretly admires half naked photos of men.

Her First Love is Manhattan on “The Carrie Diaries”

Carrie arrives for her internship and soon realizes her first love is “Man-hattan.” She is swept up by its charm, even after meeting her boring boss who gives her a half hour for lunch and does not allow personal calls. The bland woman also advises Carrie to get new stockings as hers got run during a run-in on the way into work. She suggests Century 21, where Carrie meets a fascinating woman named Larissa, who works for “Interview” magazine. Larissa admires Carrie's bag, which belonged to her mother and she had saved it from her sister Dorrit who had gotten nail polish on it. Carrie believes Larissa is trying to take her bag, decorated with nail polish and featuring her name, but Larissa wants to photograph it. However, Carrie inadvertently helps Larissa shoplift then gets invited out to a trendy club Indochino that night.

After talking to Mouse on the phone, against the law firm's rules, Carrie wonders if Sebastian will be looking for at the dance that night. He had asked Mouse for her phone number but then a fancy dress arrives from Larissa to go to the club. Her conservative boss compares the dress to something Madonna would wear and says it is not suitable for a high school dance. Carrie agrees and decides to go to the club instead. She discovers New York City nightlife including gays and wild hair. Clearly Carrie is smitten but then rushes home realizing it is already midnight when two gays tell her the time. She tells them she has never met anyone gay before but they tell her she has but the people are likely to be hiding it. This is apparently foreshadowing about Walt, who seems to have a hidden interest in men despite his dating relationship with Maggie.

Dorrit is Missing on "The Carrie Diaries"

Carrie enlists Walt's assistance to pick her up from the Castlebury station after her night of partying in Manhattan. She sees Sebastian in a car with Donna and they are clearly smoking something questionable. Sebastian asks why she was not at the dance and Carrie tells him she was busy. He inquires if she needs a ride home but she observes the car is full already and decides to walk with Walt. One day in NYC has already boosted Carrie's confidence and we know she'll be back.

Walt brings Carrie home, who tells her dad she lost track of time when she sees police at the house. Then she realizes they are there because her sister is missing. Her sister turns up late and drunk then the family decides to address the loss of mom. They go through her closet for the first time and Carrie forsakes a green dress her dad wants her to have to give it to Dorrit. The sister try to get beyond the sibling rivalry that has Carrie as the mature good girl versus Dorrit (what a name!) as the rebellious bad girl. Carrie goes to the pool for a swim and Sebastian turns up there, despite the fact he now has a pool of his own. Clearly he is there to see Carrie and Donna's friends observe them hanging out and comment how Donna won't like it. To wrap it the first episode up, Carrie finds some of her mother's blank journals and starts to find her voice. It seems this is the beginning of "The Carrie Diaries" and her writing career.

TAKE HOME MOMENTS: Carrie is clearly lost without her mother and so is the rest of the family. It can be hard for a family unit to go on without an integral member. Carrie is also looking her love and her own voice. Going to Manhattan gives her the confidence and motivation to find it. She also wants to be there for the rest of her family because she loves them. We discover Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City” had to work hard to get what she wanted and take quite a few risks to make it happen.

CW's “The Carrie Diaries” air on Mondays at 8:00 p.m.

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